May 2017

Jamu Kunyit

There’s a few things I miss during our travels and it’s becoming more apparent lately.  One of them is having a food processor and a Vitamix blender.  Just those two kitchen items alone will help a lot.  The modern conveniences of a food processor and a powerful blender, I do miss. Jamu Kunyit is a …
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Camping Gears

We took out our camping gears from storage and took it with us.  It’s something we’ve been looking forward to if we got a chance to go back to California.  The biggest challenge of traveling minimally is that it doesn’t always happen.  For instance, we had to check in baggage this time around for the …
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Jet Lagged

My mom reminded me of how short our visit was to California right before we left.  A total of 11 days.  Jet lag was really bad and just a few days before we left sleeping pattern was back to normal then it was time to go through another jet lag.  It will take a few …
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The Everest Momo

Chicken momos and masala tea with ginger.  That is what we ordered yesterday at The Everest Momos.  What makes this place so special?  The Everest Momos is a small trailer truck local business in Sunnyvale, CA!  For a few days, we hunted down the truck because I wanted to eat some Nepali momos and find …
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