July 2017

Finding Wild

Chalet de Chailloux is a small stop on the way to Aiguillette des Houches.  This is one of our favorite routes close to home.  It’s relatively easy hike compared to the more eastern side of Chamonix mountains.  The best thing about hiking in the area were picking blueberries and raspberries.  It’s not yet ready but …
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Two Cols, Two Countries

I always get a kick of the idea of crossing borders here in Europe.  We ventured out to tackle the two Cols (passes) closest to home.  They are graded as easy and really short compared to the other Cols i.e. Tour de France out of category climbs.  Nevertheless, it’s still a tough climb! It’s been …
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Momos in France

One of my goals this year was to be able to make Nepalese momos anywhere I am in the world.  This summer, I packed Emperor Po with me from Vietnam to France.  Emperor Po have been my trusted mini-steamer who I’ve used to make the hundreds of momos to practice while in Ho Chi Minh …
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Goodbye Friend

It’s always hard to part ways with any of our bicycles.  Our mountain bikes are still in great condition and have traveled many miles with us this last two years.  We love them.  In the course of two years riding through the Indian, Nepal Himalayan mountains and the French Alps, we only had one flat …
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Being Nomadic

What’s it like to be nomadic?  Or minimalist?  There are a lot of things we’ve lost in our life but what we gained in our life right now have no measure.  We are no longer working so, income stopped a few years ago and we are now dipping into our savings.  Is that good or …
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Another Beginning

We are back in the French Alps, in our favorite place on earth right now.  Life for 3 months in Chamonix is surreal to us.  It is also our 3rd time here.  Each time we pass by a real estate office, we dream of having a small place to come back to every year.  Our …
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