August 2017

Gado Gado in France

Gado Gado is translated to “Mix Mix.”  It is an Indonesian warm salad with extremely flavorful peanut sauce.   Gado Gado is one of my favorite Indonesian salad and I discovered this while shopping at a grocery store in Kuta.  We walked by a small eatery and I browsed through some salad dishes because I …
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Finicky Weather

This year’s weather is much more wetter than last year in the same month of August.  Mother Nature is not quite sure if she wants to bring in the full on summer quite yet but that’s how it is specially in the mountains. Yesterday, we hiked up to Merlet Park.  Park Merlet is a nice …
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Day in a Life in the French Alps

Today is gym day. The rain dumped on us on our way to the Chamonix gym this morning.  Luckily, the rain is not the freezing kind. We were both soaking wet but managed to dry off to still get a good workout.  Entering the gym is always interesting because the gym is really old school. …
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Pedaling Around the World

How does one know if it’s the right time to do something? In the last two and a half years, we’ve been living in different countries doing various activities, explored places and experienced people’s lives.  The mode of transportation have been a mix of riding our mountain bikes, trekking, running and all sorts of mass …
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Frugal Eats

Everywhere in the world, you will find legumes.  It’s been over a couple of weeks now that we’ve gone back to our favorite foods to eat.  The most wonderful places in our travels brought me recipes that is healthy, simple, quick and sustainable.   We have to be flexible with the availability of ingredients and …
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Col de Salenton

Col de Salenton sits at about 8300 ft and yesterday, we started from Le Buet train station.  An hour train ride from Les Houches and we took the first train on schedule that morning.  It was already a warm-day when we started climbing towards the beautiful Gorges du Bernard, raging waterfall.  It was still closed …
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