September 2017

Deep Breath

Moisture.  I’m craving for some really good moisture but it’s no where to be found.  The barren, dry, cold and hot Leh have been rough.  This week’s been a eye-opening experience of how harsh life can be up here in Ladakh.  It brought back memories of our three months here two years ago, slowly coming …
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It’s my second day on anti-biotics, cough and sinus meds.  I was hit with something very difficult to isolate in terms of symptoms.  I still don’t know what I have but my nasty chills and chest pain are gone after the first day on medication.  It’s not over yet until I’m fully recovered.  I also …
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Arrival to Leh, India

As soon as we got off the airplane at Leh airport, we could feel the pressure from the altitude.  It’s a heavy feeling and our breathing was labored.  It’s about 10,500 ft at the airport.  The air was dry and the sun was extremely bright to the eyes.  It was cold and very dry.  We …
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TrainingPeaks: Tracking Fitness

Yesterday,  I moved our training data from Strava to TrainingPeaks.  The two month subscription will be enough to track our fitness progress to race day.  Here is what our Performance Management Chart looks like: It’s the beginning to putting together a training plan for the next 8 weeks.  This training camp will really be very …
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PYT Race Goal

We discussed our finishing time for PYT and came up with a realistic goal.  Our goal came from previous races and the amount of training we’ve committed to a specific race in the past.  Now, we are ready to put a training plan together. I’ve decided to subscribed TrainingPeaks for 2 months to track our …
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Summary: French Alps Training Camp

We didn’t have a race goal this year coming into the French Alps.  Last year, we built up for Ultra Trail Monte Rosa Stage Race the whole summer.  Coming from several months training Muay Thai in Vietnam  which was short intensity training more focused on power and speed specifically for Muay Thai, the goal back …
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Les Houches

Les Houches is a quaint little town about five miles from the center of Chamonix.  It is our home base for 2 summers now in the French Alps.  This year, we arrived just when summer was just starting and will leave as summer is winding down in Chamonix valley.  The ambiance in Les Houches is …
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Chavanne Vieille

Today we hiked up to Chavanne Vieille, a really old shack sitting right by a gully on the edge of remnants of Glacier Taconnaz. One thing I’ve observed in our hikes is a lot of these shacks exist historically as a shelter for climbers or most likely trekkers or skiers when caught in bad weather. …
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Getting Ready for Ladakh

This week is going to be about preparing our body for 11,800 ft (3,575 m) arrival.  We fly from Geneva, Switzerland to Delhi, India connecting to a flight to Leh, India.  Once we arrive to Leh Airport or Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, we will see signs posted about altitude sickness.  The airport is at 10,744 …
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