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Chicken momos and masala tea with ginger.  That is what we ordered yesterday at The Everest Momos.  What makes this place so special?  The Everest Momos is a small trailer truck local business in Sunnyvale, CA!  For a few days, we hunted down the truck because I wanted to eat some Nepali momos and find out how it taste.  We’ve been to Nepal a few times and we’ve had hundreds of momos during our time there so I’ve had good, bad and okay momos.

The Everest Momos bring me back to Nepal.  It tastes exactly like the good ones I’ve had in Nepal!  Best of all, they also serve masala tea with added ginger.  Each order comes in 8 warm pieces of momos.  There is out door seating and just so wonderful to look at the panoramic view of Mt Everest on their truck like being there in the Khumbu eating momos.

I asked the server if they are Nepali and both said they are from Kathmandu.  Their service is authentic Nepali, too – not much smiling but they get the job done.  The orders came out quick.  I wanted to find out more about the concept of this food truck but both servers seem to have limited knowledge of the Khumbu region in Nepal.  That is normal though, not all Nepali know about the Khumbu region and most of them come from various tribes around Nepal to work in Kathmandu.  Migrating to the US to sell momos must be rough.  I’d gladly support The Everest Momos because they are a struggling small business first of all and secondly, they serve true authentic delicious Nepali momos.

We plan to come back and try the other two dishes noodle dish and fried rice which looks exactly what we get in the Nepal himalayas so I am very excited about that.

Stay tuned because we are looking to go back for more momos!

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