Back in the French Alps!

We made it to France, safely!  We arrived the day after Bastille Day in France and right before we left, we heard about the truck driving through people right after the holiday fireworks.  My heart breaks for the families affected and hearing a couple of days later that most of the victims were children.  The …
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Reminder: Uncertainty in Life

This blog post was written in September 15, 2016 and it’s another moment in life where we were reminded of how important it is to live life to the fullest.  We had a scare and that week was no fun.  We are grateful that it turned out with good news… We had a bit of …
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GTL Post Race Report

We spent the night in a nice quaint hotel by Lac du Bourget, a large lake in the area.  This town seems to be an active area and so far where we’ve been in France, everyone seemed very outdoorsy.  Bike lanes on the roads and there were a lot of cyclists out riding.  The hotel …
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1st Trail Run Race in France

Grand Trail Du Lac is going to be our first race in Europe and we picked our anniversary weekend for the special event. We rode the train from Chamonix to Aix-Les-Bains today and a bus to Viviers du Lac, a small place right by the lake, Le Bourget du Lac.  The first train ride to …
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Yoga Class In Chamonix

Samantha was lighting up some floating candles and I can smell the eucalyptus scent in the room as I opened the door. Doug dropped me off at PlaneteYoga located about a quarter mile from our chalet. The yoga studio is right beside a Bio Super Marche, or Organic Supermarket. I asked Doug to get my …
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Col du Brevent

I overheated on our climb yesterday.  Ran out of water as well at the summit of Col du Brevent and we still had a long way down back to the chalet.  Our day started our with a big breakfast of baguette, scrambled eggs with lardo, all sorts of cheese and coffee.  That breakfast would usually …
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Col de Salenton

Yesterday’s hike was amazing! We started in a small town called Le Buet, which is also the name of the highest peak in that area. The hike started out with big waterfalls as we slowly climbed up to the first refuge, Refuge de la Pierre a Berard. Oh wait, there was a little restaurant on …
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Life Goes On

Doug had to fast for his blood test so we had to schedule an appointment yesterday to come back to draw blood today.  The imaging department at the hospital opens pretty late so I still need to call for an appointment for the ultra sound.  We get the blood test results today or tomorrow and …
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