UTMB Week in Chamonix

The first race of 5 major races on UTMB week started yesterday.  We had our packed lunch yesterday at the Chamonix Centre and the place is just filled with so much energy! For the first time, we worked out at the gym for 2 hours.  It wasn’t hard to get 2 hours in starting with …
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It took 2 days after our overnight camping trip up to Tête Rousse to recover some muscle damage on the legs specially the calves.  It reminded me of our first time running down South Kaibab in the Grand Canyon and then climbing back up to Bright Angel, the next day I can hardly walk due to …
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Climb High, Sleep Low…Go Slow

We’ve confirmed our accommodation in Leh, India.  It’s a blessing to return to Leh again.  It’s really exciting for us because we are going to see our friends again.  The walking street in the center have been completed and we look forward to visiting the center!  The last time we were there which was 2 …
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Day 2: Tête Rousse BC

The next day, it was a beautiful morning and not as windy as the day before.  The sky was blue and clear.  Hunny tried to get the stove working and once again, it heated up the water for a few minutes then crapped out.  We barely got enough coffee for the both of us.  The …
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Day 1: Tête Rousse BC

The weather looked good and we were both mentally set to head up to Tête Rousse BC right after breakfast.  You can find the route we took for day 1 on Strava. We hiked easily up to the train track junction of Mont Lachat and Col des Rognes.  Right from the train track, there is a …
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Day 0: Tête Rousse BC

We went back to Maison de la Montagne this morning to get a better map before we head out tomorrow.  There’s a bit more good information from Maison de la Montagne about camping around Mont Blanc.  As far as we understood from reading a lot of forums online which can be very confusing, wild camping is not …
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Training Camp Update

The gym was packed again yesterday.  The weight room is really small with a lot of old equipment however, it seems to be maintained okay.  Once it gets crowded, there is a wait for equipment use.  80% of gym goers are the same people.  These guys are dedicated and are very consistent.  We only go …
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Route de Servoz to Passy

The weather was just amazing yesterday on our bikes!  There is a little climb then a long descent down to Servoz from our apartment.  This is also the climb on the way back from our ride if we head down the hill.  Vaudagne is a very small village where the train has a stop for …
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SFR or Slow Frequency Repetition is a concept I learned from my cycling coach in my racing days.  I’ve grown to love it and continuously use the concept in trail running, hiking and cycling.  It is very beneficial in Muay Thai. “The goal of an SFR workout is to increase muscular strength and efficiency in …
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