Plan: Camping de Tête Rousse

Yesterday’s trip up to Col des Rognes, well close to it made us look at the map and see what is farther ahead.  The maps we have which are commonly used for hiking around Chamonix valley does not have the trail we took yesterday.  I did find a few articles and discussions on the internet about …
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Col des Rognes

We absolutely love the route we took yesterday up to Col de Rognes.  There are several ways to get on the high trails one of them is to ride the train to Refuge du Nid d’Agile which is where the train ends then it heads back down to Bellevue station.  You can also take the …
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Positive Changes

Yeah, there’s a lot of changes in the body as we reach maturity.  In my case, there are incredible opportunities lying ahead in terms of physical changes for the better.  This post is somewhat of a continuation of yesterday’s “Ideal Weight” topic.  Rest days are days where I read up on nutrition, altitude training, training …
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Ideal Weight

Today, we are taking a rest day.  Yeah, it’s so amazing outside with the sun shining through the mountains and just a glorious day for anything outside but it’s time for a rest day.  I feel really good today and woke up to a happy body.  It’s true that rest and sleep with good food …
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Wild Blueberry Fields

The unknowns excite us now.  The fear of not knowing or what lies ahead seem to have subsided.  It’s replaced with curiosity, eagerness and our minds open to challenges.  There’s only much planning one can do in any journey and what matters is our attitude towards what comes along.  How we perceive the world is …
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Lac Noir

Here in the Alps, it’s easy to climb up to about 1,000 m (3,300 ft) in around 2-3 miles on a direct way.  Great training and good challenge for anyone at any age.  The biggest reward on the top is the view, fantastic views no matter what condition.  The surrounding glaciers make it dramatic for …
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Training Camp Ladakh

One more month and we will be in Leh, India.  We just received our ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for India, that was quick!  Leh is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and the first time we were there in 2015 we were captivated by so much peace and history of the place.  We’ve made …
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Indian e-Visa Online

It’s time once again to apply for our Indian e-Visas for our stop in Ladakh.  The first time we applied for our Indian Tourist Visa which was not done online was in Kathmandu, Nepal.  It was a laborious process which I won’t cover on this post.  There are pros and cons in applying for a …
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Tiny French Alps Apartment

We’d guess that our apartment is about 17 sq meters total.  It’s quite a common sized apartment in France specially here up in the Alps.  Skiing is the most popular activity which makes it a popular second home for a lot of avid skiers.  In the summer or off season times, some of these apartments …
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