Time in Leh

This morning, the gray clouds fill the sky and the wind blows, swaying the trees outside our window.  Several cloud bursts have erupted in Stok and I can hardly see snow capped Stok Kangri, the highest pass in Ladakh.  It’s now over a week that we don’t have connectivity at our guest house.  Fortunately, there …
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Deep Breath

Moisture.  I’m craving for some really good moisture but it’s no where to be found.  The barren, dry, cold and hot Leh have been rough.  This week’s been a eye-opening experience of how harsh life can be up here in Ladakh.  It brought back memories of our three months here two years ago, slowly coming …
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It’s my second day on anti-biotics, cough and sinus meds.  I was hit with something very difficult to isolate in terms of symptoms.  I still don’t know what I have but my nasty chills and chest pain are gone after the first day on medication.  It’s not over yet until I’m fully recovered.  I also …
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Arrival to Leh, India

As soon as we got off the airplane at Leh airport, we could feel the pressure from the altitude.  It’s a heavy feeling and our breathing was labored.  It’s about 10,500 ft at the airport.  The air was dry and the sun was extremely bright to the eyes.  It was cold and very dry.  We …
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Training Camp Ladakh

One more month and we will be in Leh, India.  We just received our ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for India, that was quick!  Leh is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and the first time we were there in 2015 we were captivated by so much peace and history of the place.  We’ve made …
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Indian e-Visa Online

It’s time once again to apply for our Indian e-Visas for our stop in Ladakh.  The first time we applied for our Indian Tourist Visa which was not done online was in Kathmandu, Nepal.  It was a laborious process which I won’t cover on this post.  There are pros and cons in applying for a …
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Camping Gears

We took out our camping gears from storage and took it with us.  It’s something we’ve been looking forward to if we got a chance to go back to California.  The biggest challenge of traveling minimally is that it doesn’t always happen.  For instance, we had to check in baggage this time around for the …
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Tso Lake Block Training

I climbed the last steep climb up the Changspa to Babylon German Bakery this morning, feeling accomplished.  Doug and I completed our final block of training and it was HARD! Our host family came out to bid as good luck on our trip and we were very grateful for their thoughtfulness.  I learned right when …
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Khardung La, Summit!

We did not plan on going up Khardung La again after yesterday but the weather looked really good this morning.  We will never know what the weather brings the next day so even feeling super tired from the day before, we just had to do it. We also did not realize that after a nice …
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