1st Attempt: Khardung La

It was a beautiful morning and we woke up the usual 5:00 am, exactly everyday.  Doug heated up some hot water and we both got on the internet first thing after making us a cup of hot Nescafe coffee.  It was still a bit cloudy outside but the sun is starting to rise and it …
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Khardung La Prep

There is a debate whether Khardung La Pass is really the highest motorable road in the world.  It’s either 5,359 m (17,582 ft) or 5,602 m (18,379 ft).  I guess I will find out with my GPS watch tomorrow because we plan to ride our bikes to the pass. It was raining this morning when we rode …
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Training Update

One more big block of training before Manali-Khardungla Cycling Championships.  It’s now a 9-stage race from Manali all the way to Leh with a final stage climbing up 39km to the highest motorable road in the world.  We are getting to the end of our rest week and it really felt more like restless week …
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Trekking Around Leh

The last two days in Leh was absolutely amazing!  The stars filled the skies in the evening and the sun smiled at us the whole day.  It’s a good day for a hot shower as the solar panels suck all the warm rays of the sun.  It’s also a good day to do laundry because …
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Summer in Leh

We lost our nice compact pump for our bikes coming back from Kargil.  It would be a miracle for it to magically appear and we are hopeful but does not look good.  We looked and looked but we might have left it in the vehicle.  In our travels, there’s no bike shops, Target or Walmarts …
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Mr. Toots

We took our bikes for a little trip down to the market this morning to get some vegetables for lunch.  On our way, we saw a very tiny pressure cooker at a pots and pans store.  Right beside him is an older Ladakhi gentleman waiting for business.  I took the pressure cooker by it’s handle …
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Rest Week

It was a big week of riding last week so we are taking a rest week.  Rest week really means “restless” week because after three weeks of riding, the body may be tired but the mind still keeps going.  To pre-occupy ourselves, we head to the market, stock up on food and eat all day …
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Life in Color, a Reflection

I put on my iTunes music on as we started climbing our first long pass towards Kargil, a city that’s 250 km (150 mi) from Leh.   The lyrics gave me goosebumps as I pedaled around each switchback.  Doug was behind me.  I looked back and took a glance of the man who ever since …
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Race to the top of the world

I’ve been struggling on figuring out how to send some of our biking gears from California to Ladakh, India.  It’s not easy since Leh is in a very remote place in India.  It’s much easier to send our stuff from California, US to Delhi, India then either have someone bring it on their way to …
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