Gym in Agadir

We found a decent gym in Agadir and had a tour of it yesterday. It is located in an area in Agadir called Founty. We walked to the south end of the beach promenade and up a wide road. It is a nice gym with equipment we can use and some interesting classes. Founty is …
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We are both finally getting over a nasty cold. Fortunately, the cold came in phases and Doug had it first so being a day behind him, it’s good to know that it will be get better. He is slowly getting better. It rained yesterday but just enough to wet the pavement, nothing more but the …
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We are living in Agadir for a month. Our colds are almost gone. It’s a cold we got from Imlil after dining with a couple of trekkers in a communal meal. Both of the trekkers were hacking away while we were putting food in our mouth. A couple of days later, Doug started his cold …
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Hiking and Walking in Imlil

We hiked up the shrine called Sidi Chamharouch. Round trip was about 10 miles from Chez Les Berberes, our guest house. A small 4 room guest house that I would consider an introduction to Berber living. There is a climb up to the guest house through small narrow, unsaved and rocky paths. Neighbors of Chez …
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Cold in Imlil

We knew that there was a chance that Imlil will be cold but it’s been colder than we thought.  Our guest house does not have heating and it’s pretty much like a tea house in Nepal but with better toilets.  It won’t be ideal to have a heater going anyway because with the water being …
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Acclimating to Imlil

Garmin watch says we are at 6200 ft. Doug wasn’t feeling well last night and the first thing in mind was that we didn’t drinking enough fluids. The air is really dry and there is not much humidity in Imlil. We are acclimating here not only for altitude but the new kind of food, drinking …
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Imlil, Morocco

We landed in Morocco early as the flight was ahead of schedule. The line to get our passport stamped was long but not as busy as some other bigger airports. There were two money exchange booths right after we exited the passport control but I’ve read that the exchange rates in those booths at the …
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Running Again

We had a good run yesterday.  It felt good overall and had a lot of fun going from Les Houches up to Merlet then connect to Petit Balcon back down to Les Gaillands, by the lake.  It was a nice day!  The leaves and pines are starting to fall on the trails.  The mountain is …
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Morocco Race

Our next trail run race is a 21km run in the mountains of Morocco.  It will be another new experience for us.  I am really excited because I read a lot of good things about trail running in Morocco.  We’ve booked our igloo tents in the resort where the race is at.  It is in …
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