Manali-Khardungla Cycling Championships starts 25th of July to August 4th, 2015, that’s a week and two months away.  This will be a very difficult 8 days stage race with a lot of climbing and descending on pavement and dirt terrains.  The race will go up to the highest motorable pass in the world at 18,380 ft, the Khardung …
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High Mountains

It’s clear to us how much the high mountains intrigue and fascinate us in many ways.  There is a sense of pilgrimage as we take each step higher.  It’s a purification of the soul.  Physically, the body gets detoxified from all the impurities and starts to fill itself up with clean air.  There is a …
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A Few Days After

In times of disaster, everyone was very supportive of each other.  This was the atmosphere at “Peaceful Lodge” in Phortse.  It was hard to sleep at night and every tremors made us run out of our room.  We slept with our full clothes on in case we had to run out of our room. It …
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In The Midst of Chaos

We just had our early lunch at a tea house in Phortse.  We had just spent a night and woke up to a lot of snow.  It snowed all night and have not let up.  Phortse is a small yak and potato village up a hill.  It gets the most sun and we always plan …
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Day 2 EBC: Kinja to Junbesi

We had our usual champa porridge and milk coffee in the morning.  Doug always carries extra instant coffee to add into our milk tea for a bit more stronger taste than how the Nepalese like.  We always look forward to champa porridge in the morning and it keeps our energy up most of the day …
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Day 1 EBC: Shivalaya to Kinja

The 10-hour bus ride was exhausting.  We were able to get seats up front of the bus since we got our tickets two days ahead of time.  The front seats were sliding off the seat so it made the whole 10 hours incredibly tiring.  Our legs were in bent positions the whole way except for …
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Back to the Mountains

We are ready for our next longer trekking trip to the mountains.  We will be covering the classic route of Sagamartha National Park.  It is where Everest Base Camp is from on the Nepal side.  The trek will cover the three passes leading towards Everest Base Camp. It’s been raining on and off since yesterday …
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3 Passes Khumbu

Our Indian visa application was submitted along with the paid fee.  The visa clerk asked us a few questions about our planned itinerary and suggested that we go ahead submit the visa application, go on our trek then come back in May to drop off our passports.  Hopefully, we get approved for a 6 month …
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Pokhara Madness

The last two days have been quite interesting.  The bandh or strike was lifted today, thankfully so we were able to get a tourist mini-van to get back to Kathmandu. We got to the bus station yesterday in Pokhara thinking that we will be in Besi Sahar by bus directly but unfortunately, we weren’t aware …
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