More on Pokhara

I had a really nice, quiet and restful birthday in Pokhara.  It’s just how I wanted to spend my birthday.  We woke up to a beautiful morning and went down for our usual breakfast at the dining room.  We ordered our breakfast and to my surprise, the receptionist brought a bouquet of flowers and greeted …
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2015 Goal

Last week, we were doing research on Ladakh, India.  We’ve got a flight booked to Leh from Kathmandu in June right when our Nepal visa expires.  We haven’t gotten our India visa yet but will work on that once we get back to Kathmandu next week.  The India visa process takes about three days in …
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Muktinath, Jomsom, Pokhara

Muktinath is a very sacred village for the Indians.  Indians come from all over India to visit the pilgrimage village for a couple of reasons. From small earth fissure water and natural gas pours out, the later burning in a little flame. On this site all the four elements earth, water, air and fire, are …
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Day 10 AC: Thorung La

The night on Thorung Phedi lodge wasn’t as cold as I thought despite all the snow we got the day before.  The room was still cold but tolerable.  It was still snowing on and off all night.  Doug woke me up around 4:00am.  I really didn’t feel like getting up at all.  I was sort of …
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Day 9 AC: Thorung Phedi

7:30’ish is our trekking time everyday.  We didn’t plan on it.  It just became a habit.  We are getting about 10 hours of sleep a day and sometimes, naps in the afternoons.  That’s sort of life at a tea house in the high mountains of Nepal.  We also drink un-godly amounts of masala tea.  Doug …
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Day 8 AC: Yak Kharka

We were feeling really good the next day in Manang.  The comfortable mattress and thick blanket made a whole lot of difference in getting a good night sleep.  We slept 10 hours straight!  We thought about staying another day in Manang for acclimatization but it looks like that short walk from Munchi to Manang gave …
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Best Masala Tea

It’s that little tea shop after a short steep climb then around the corner somewhere between Ghyaru and Nawal.  We didn’t expect a lovely table with a flower arrangement.  The trek from Upper Pisang onward was breathtaking.  It felt like the heavens opened up and we were entering Shangrila.  My body weakened and the adrenalin rush …
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Day 7 AC: Munchi to Manang

Surprisingly, the evening were not as cold as I thought it would be.  I took off my fleece layers in the middle of the night because it was really warm under the sleeping bag topped with extra thick blankets.  It was toasty!  We ordered breakfast the night before so all we had to do is …
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Day 6 AC: Munchi

The wind was blowing really hard the whole afternoon.  The prayer flags were waving out all those prayers over the valley and it’s always a special time watching it wave it’s colors.  The owner of the lodge is “Lama” and he always had this smiling face every time he sees us.  He is also the …
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