Day 5 AC: Upper Pisang

The morning was absolutely beautiful in Chame!  The sun was shining through the valley and it was only 7:30am.  It’s also going to be a short day of about 8.5 miles with some rolling climbs.  We started our with a small climb out of Chame and then following the river were some small rolling dirt …
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Day 4 AC: Dharapani to Chame

Another straightforward day on the dirt road but with a lot more nicer views and once again good weather.  We climbed a big steep hill and reconnected back again on the road.  We heard that Thorlung pass have been closed but have reopened.  So, we may luck out going over Thorlung Pass and since it’s …
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Day 3 AC: Jagat to Dharapani

It was another good day and feeling thankful that the weather’s been nice on our treks so far with no rain or hail but it’s always good to be prepared.  Since we had a very big day the day before and Jagat seems to be a pretty run down village in a way, we are …
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Day 2 AC: Ngadi to Jagat

The weather was really nice and we were happy that it was.  In a few days, if the forecast is right we may be getting some rain.  We started out the day with a nice breakfast at the lodge.  We slept okay but there was this strange noise around midnight on the roof of our …
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Day 1 AC: Besi Sahar to Ngadi

We had a really nice and rested stay at Gateway Himalayan for a few days at Besi Sahar.  It was time to bid goodbye to a nice hotel and prepare ourselves for what is out there on the Annapurna Circuit.  I’ve been reading a few blog posts of trekkers who’s done the AC and it …
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We’ve eaten a lot of momos in Nepal and India.  Those delicious dumplings never burn a hole in the pocket.   It’s cheap, fast and most of all filling specially during a trek in the Himalayan mountains.  Momos are basically Nepalese or Tibetan dumplings filled with vegetables, chicken or buffalo meat.  I rarely see momos …
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Day 5: Gorkha-Besi Sahar

STRAVA DATA Hotel/Guest House: Gateway Himalayan Resort (1600 rupees + service charge) There is a road!  The map was had did not have a connecting road from the end of the road from Gorkha to Turture.  We were worried that we might have to jungle trek with out bikes but it turned out that there …
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Day 4: REST DAY Gorkha

We’ve been eating, resting, eating and repeat since yesterday afternoon… It’s must be the chicken in the Biryani or the saffron, it was so good.  I had the same Chicken Biryani dish I had yesterday and it’s cooked the same exact way.  It came shaped like an upside down bowl, sprinkled with shredded carrots and …
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Day 3: Arughat-Gorkha

STRAVA DATA Hotel/Guest House:  Hotel Vision (800 rupees – WiFi, hot shower, large room, in room bathroom 3rd floor, very good food, restaurant roof top) We had a great breakfast and a good night sleep at the hotel in Arughat but there’s a lot of fatigue in the legs.  We took our time to head out following …
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