Day 2: Malekhu-Arughat

STRAVA DATA Hotel/Guest House: Third Step Hotel (500 rupees, WiFi) We rode down to the bridge to cross over the river to get on the road to Dhadingbesi.  A steep climb of about a few kilometers, maybe 2km but not long.  I am feeling the backpack straps much more than yesterday.  Lugging a 20 lbs backpack …
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Day 1: Kathmandu-Malekhu

I still cannot believe we are mountain biking from Kathmandu to Pokhara and that morning right  after breakfast, my stomach was feeling a bit nervous because what’s ahead is going to be a lot of unknowns.  We’ve plotted out our first day and have an idea of the second day’s route but after that, we really …
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We have a spontaneous lifestyle.  Things change almost at the last minute after we discover something new but we also plan once we commit to something we want to do.  The mountain bike “touring” we are doing is one of those spontaneous decisions.  Spontaneity usually leads to good adventures. Our decision to purchase a mountain …
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Tour of Kathmandu

So, we did the little mountain bike day trip loop from Thamel-Muhkdu-Tinpiple-Tokha-Thamel and it took us a little less than 3 hours with the traffic.  The traffic was not as bad as the day before but it was still chaotic to say the least. The whole Kathmandu loop we originally wanted to do and suggested by the …
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Mtn Biking in Kathmandu

We test drove our mountain bikes to see if we had to make any adjustments before we left the bike repair shop.  We rode out on the narrow streets of Thamel dodging people, scooters, taxis and rickshaws.  I was very nervous because we were headed out to the rush hours of Kathmandu and I’ve seen how …
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