Lessons in Life

Sometimes, you wonder why there are people in this world who want to take advantage, hurt, ridicule or make you question your intent.  I prepared myself many months ago when I first started putting up a fan book page for someone I was helping.  Lack of technology and communication was challenging however, I volunteered to …
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HCMC 21km

40 days before our 21km or half marathon race in Ho Chi Minh City and we are pretty excited!  HCMC Run will be our first ever road race because most of our races are trail races so this is another first for us.  We have an idea of how to train for the half marathon …
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Reminder: Uncertainty in Life

This blog post was written in September 15, 2016 and it’s another moment in life where we were reminded of how important it is to live life to the fullest.  We had a scare and that week was no fun.  We are grateful that it turned out with good news… We had a bit of …
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Training As a Couple

Doug and I have the same passion, keeping fit.  We are not talking about hard core athletic prowess or winning races but it’s about keeping a sustainable lifestyle of being fit and in return enjoy the activities we love to do.  We are both in an age where changes occur and aging is a continuous …
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Daily Life Interrupted

We really love it in Chiang Mai and after month, which is what the length of a visa-exempt is, we built a relationship with the old city.  Every morning, Doug would make me coffee then we spend about an hour or two checking social media.  We’d hop on our cruiser bike to ride to the …
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Fact: Plans Always Change

We signed up for a half marathon in Ho Chi Minh thinking that it’s held in January 3rd but later found out that the race is actually held in January 24th which is when Ultra d’Angkor Wat is held.  Sigh.  One of the things we learned and still is learning in a hard way is …
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PYT Trail Run – 30K

It really does make a huge difference in a trail running race experience to have a well organized race.  It is Pong Yaeng’s “Zero Edition.”  Also, it’s the RD’s and staff’s first time to organize such an event.  I was very impressed how well it went and we plan to do it next year. Pong …
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Soups and Porridge

Almost everywhere in Asia, you can never go wrong with a warm bowl of noodle soup and porridge.  Both can be found at the market or street vendors.  The small stalls have mini tables and chairs all set up outside where people watching while eating is quite fun to do.  Soups and porridge in Chiang …
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Next Race: PYT 30km

Pong Yaeng 30km is next Sunday and we are pretty excited about this race.  It’s over a month since our last trail race in France so, hopefully the body is ready for another one.  The biggest challenge I see in this race for us is going in the race without doing any runs outside because …
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