PYT Trail Run – 30K

It really does make a huge difference in a trail running race experience to have a well organized race.  It is Pong Yaeng’s “Zero Edition.”  Also, it’s the RD’s and staff’s first time to organize such an event.  I was very impressed how well it went and we plan to do it next year. Pong …
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Soups and Porridge

Almost everywhere in Asia, you can never go wrong with a warm bowl of noodle soup and porridge.  Both can be found at the market or street vendors.  The small stalls have mini tables and chairs all set up outside where people watching while eating is quite fun to do.  Soups and porridge in Chiang …
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Next Race: PYT 30km

Pong Yaeng 30km is next Sunday and we are pretty excited about this race.  It’s over a month since our last trail race in France so, hopefully the body is ready for another one.  The biggest challenge I see in this race for us is going in the race without doing any runs outside because …
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Yi Peng Festival

The sky was lit up with lanterns, all flying high towards the full moon.  It’s Yi Peng Festival, also known as Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai.  We rode our cruiser bikes towards Tha Phae Gate where the festival took place.  The traffic was a bit crazy on the outside walls across the moat.  There are two streets along …
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Chiang Mai Markets

It feels like we never really left Chiang Mai.  Our hotel is just a quick walk in from the old city walls.  It is convenient and located in a quiet location behind a temple.  We stumbled in another temple courtyard yesterday walking behind the hotel.  There were some beautiful buildings and a few young monks …
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Old City Chiang Mai

Come walk with us around the old city walls of Chiang Mai this morning.  It was a cool and pleasant walk. [photogrid ids=”1414,1415,1416,1417,1418,1419,1423,1425,1426,1427,1428,1429,1430,1431,1432,1433,1434,1435,1436,1437,1438,1439″ captions=”no” columns=”three” fullwidth=”yes” ]

Airplane Hopping

Due to unforeseen circumstances like a volcano eruption in Lombok island just beside Bali, we did some airplane hopping yesterday.  We checked out Best Western Premier at Sunset Road in Kuta with a heavy heart because our almost three weeks stay with them was very pleasant.  It was a very affordable 4-start hotel!  TripAdvisor will …
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Pong Yaeng Trail Race

I look forward to Chiang Mai.  It’s still in the high 90’s there and hope that in December, the temps start to drop.  Here in Bali, we have yet to run outside because of the heat.  Even just running for 20 mins in the gym at the hotel in an air-conditioned room, we were drenched …
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Life in Pai

The evening in Pai is very peaceful. The owner of our bungalow goes to town with her VW vanagon to set-up her stand to sell toys every evening.  It’s amazing how the Thai people are very business minded people.  It’s also impressive on how hard working they are in maintaining their businesses.  The Charn Chai …
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