Another Beginning

We are back in the French Alps, in our favorite place on earth right now.  Life for 3 months in Chamonix is surreal to us.  It is also our 3rd time here.  Each time we pass by a real estate office, we dream of having a small place to come back to every year.  Our own place.  Someday.

There is a gym in Chamonix, Richard Bozon Sports Complex which we joined for the time we are here.  We just ride the bus or ride our bikes to go work out.  The is something new this year for us.  Keeping our strength for our lifestyle is crucial.

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted something on our blog and biggest apologies for my followers.  There were so many amazing things that happened over the last year that I really need to be more diligent about sharing because it’s…amazing!  For most of the year before the French Alps, we were training at a gym called Saigon Sports Club in Ho Chi Minh City.  Incredible MMA gym and fantastic instructors.  It was really hard to leave but Ho Chi Minh is a tough city to live in for long term, mainly the pollution and traffic.  It is insane.  We mainly focused on training so it’s gym then recover the rest of the day in our apartment which was conveniently located across the gym.  It was a very sweet arrangement.

Fast forward, we just bought new bikes to replace our mountain bikes here in France.  We finally figure out the kind of bike we absolutely need for our lifestyle.  A bike that is a commuter, goes off road, on the road and tough.  We searched and searched for a year.  We’ve been traveling for over 2 years now and it would be ridiculous if we bought a bike that’s over a thousand dollars.  My blog wouldn’t be called Frugal Nomads if that’s the case, right?  Kidding aside, it’s not practical.  We learned that no matter how cheap a bike is or even beat up, riding it becomes an adventure.  Our bikes are our transportation.

We are proud parents of a Kona Rove AL.  We LOVE it!

As soon as we received our bikes and rode it up the Chamonix valley testing it on the trails with rocks, creek crossing, bridges, gravel, on the road and every where else we can think of – our whole world of traveling opened up!

We’ve ridden out bikes in the very rugged mountain of Ladakh.  Racing our mountain bikes from Manali to Leh was an incredible experience.  We rode in the crazy traffic of Ho Chi Minh City with a really cheap commuter bike.  We’ve done multi-day trips from Kathmandu all the way to Besi Sahar followed by a trek on the Annapurna.  We rode really beat up bikes in Chiang Mai and in Pai, Thailand.  We took those beat up bikes off the beaten path in the hills of Pai and that was fun!

All that experience have given us enough experience to choose our next bikes.  We are super excited of what is ahead…

It is another beginning because we are dipping into the world of touring with our bikes.  Multi-days traveling from one destination to another as part of our transport around the world.  In just the recent weeks, in Europe there are so many routes to choose from!  Hubby’s been overwhelmed with researching etc.  Although we have experienced multi-days, rugged, crazy adventures on the bikes before – this is new to us because we actually have to be a bit more organized.  Carrying a 30L back pack on the back for over 500km or 700km on a multi-day bike route might not fun.  We are looking at some remote places but will start with places a bit more civilized to practice.  The one thing that would cut our cost down would be to camp.  So, we are talking about more gears.

So, as we prepare for our first try out trip and that would be from Geneva to Lyon – there will be a lot of learning in the process.  We love learning.  Mistakes in our trips are the core of our growth.  This is our life now.  Someday, we may decide to settle in one place but for now we’d like to see the world using mass transit and cycling as much as possible.

To our followers, thank you and hope to give you more of our journey through his blog.

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