Day 2: Tête Rousse BC

The next day, it was a beautiful morning and not as windy as the day before.  The sky was blue and clear.  Hunny tried to get the stove working and once again, it heated up the water for a few minutes then crapped out.  We barely got enough coffee for the both of us.  The “boiled” water was more luke warm but we went ahead and shared a cup of coffee.

It wasn’t cold at all but definitely still need to wear warm clothes.  A normal cold morning in the alps.  I immediately dressed up to head to the toilet then came back and suggested that we go have coffee at the refuge.  It’s more for hunny because I know how he loves a good hot coffee in the morning and he totally deserves a good hot cup of coffee!  It was definitely worth it to hit up the refuge because we got 2 big cups of hot coffee in a very warm dining room!  It wasn’t busy at all because most likely, all the climbers that stayed in the hut is on their way up to Mont Blanc by that time.

Morning coffee at the Tête Rousse Hut

Right after we enjoyed our coffee at the hut, we slowly hiked around and saw a helicopter dropping off people.  Everyone in the camp was watching the drop off, it was quite a scene.

We packed up and took the tent down as we got ready to head down.  All the way down to Les Houches!  Here is our Strava route of day 2.

Crossing the glacier was interesting.  It was very icy and my shoes made crunchy sounds as I walked on top of the ice.  Some sections had creeks running through from the melting glacier so I had to navigate through some rocky parts to avoid getting wet.  The descent back down to the rocky plain was not bad although quite steep.  There were a lot of “trails” but by following the red trail markers on the rocks help us find our way to the main trail which was much easier.

We saw a few more trekkers and climbers on their way up as we approached the bottom.  The sun was starting to peak through where we were.  On the way down, we saw another memorial to another climber and this was a very young man, only 19 years old.

We got to another small hut with a toilet right by it.  It was getting warmer so we shed some of our warm clothings.  A couple was calling me as I took my jacket off and they showed me a baby Ibis with it’s mom.  A beautiful family of Ibis.  I thanked them for showing us the wonderful treat!

There was a LOT of downhill on day 2, my legs were getting trashed from all the steep, wet, rocky, muddy, boulders, rooted and gravely terrain.  The descent went past the Nid d’Agile train stop and then passing by the end tip of Glacier Bionnassay.  There were lots of people hiking to the refuge by the glacier and most of them just got off the train.  We continued to drop down following the creeks.  There were sections of cables and steel stairs towards the plains before the short climb up to Bellevue train stop.

We finally made it to Bellevue train stop and saw a few people waiting for the train.  Lunch stop was a picnic in a field of wildflowers facing La Prarion.  Lunch was the extra tuna sandwich packed the day before.   We devoured it while we enjoyed the beautiful view.

Both of us were getting tired from all the downhill.  Descending 7,424 ft (2,249 m) in about 8 mi was quite a beating on our legs!  Going down from Bellevue wasn’t easy when you are tired.  The last mile before the pavement was the nasty rocky section and after a few hours of downhill, that trail wasn’t as fun.  We gutted it out and sure enjoyed the last mile of pavement through the residences back to Les Houches village.

The two days was a blast and it’s the first time we’ve ever camped in the Chamonix mountains.  I say that because we’ve dirt bag camped in a van in Les Bossons two years ago.

We both had an amazing time!  It was time for a good hot shower, food and recovery time.

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