Easy Hike, Easy Run

Yesterday, was one of those days I believe.  My period is late again even after adjusting the timeline from the last delayed period.  The last few days, I’ve been very fatigued but have also been really taking it easy.  The mountains stares at me every morning, waiting for me to set my feet in.  Sigh.

It’s one of those training days or even just a normal day where I really have to ask myself a few questions.  Basically, motivate myself to get out.  It’s slow and tedious but I got the job done and I didn’t regret it every bit.  The day was so beautiful to be outside and we headed up to Bellevue on a new traversing trail crossing over, just below Col de Lachat.  It’s an alternative trail to that nasty steep, steep descent from Col de Lachat!  The hike up was so nice and the fall weather just made my spirit sore.  I overdressed and was the temps turned warm as we headed back down.  A good easy hike up and finally, back to running but very slow.  I felt great after I came back for lunch.

The changes I am experiencing really affects our lives.  I didn’t think it would so much.  The support needed from Doug is critical, I also didn’t think so but it made a huge difference!  Planning the day is tough specially when the mood is low and it’s so rare for me to have moody days in my life.  We are both affected.

So, training will be focused right now mostly on easy hikes and easy runs just to adjust to the changes.  Once I am out there on the trails, my mindset changes immediately to happy.  It’s the getting out the door is tough and it’s not very often I have that problem.  I also wondered, when will my period show up or will it ever?  I’ve read that unexpected heavy bleeding could sometimes show up at weird times during late perimenopause.  Yikes!  So, it’s always at the back of my head whenever I go out and I’ve prepared with necessary things in case it does happen.

My diet have also been really good.  More protein in each meal, yogurt before bed and taking my iron regularly.  Totally avoiding sweets completely.  I have some sugar in my coffee in the morning and fruits such as apples or bananas if I get the urge.  I did get some pistachio biscuits which was more nuts and it’s really nice with de caffeinated coffee in the mid-afternoon – we love mid-afternoon coffee and tea.  I haven’t craved for sweets lately, just salty food.

We’ve been researching and looking at logistics for our next trail run races in Morocco and Thailand.  The common thing about trail races in any country is the logistics.  How to get there?  Where to stay? How far from the main town?  Most of all, food is a necessity.  I’ll talk more about the two races we signed up for in detail on my next blog.  Morocco will be interesting because we’ve never been there.  I actually look forward to eating the food in Morocco.  Moroccan food is very Mediterranean and the kind of food we like to eat.  Thai food is wonderful and in my opinion, the best food in the world right ahead of Indian cuisine.  Indian food is second on my list.  The spices of Thai and Indian food blows me away every time I eat the cuisine.

It’s really hard not to go hard and to slow down but I need to, at least for a few weeks or months to figure out a trend on what’s happening to my body then it will be okay.  Just like the monthly period schedule, where it’s easy if you know or expect something is coming to work around it – but it’s hard if it’s sporadic.  However, what’s happening in the last few months is a confirmation that I am approaching menopause – no doubt.  It’s just a matter of dealing with it, managing myself and get to a point where I no longer obsess about it day in and day out.  As you can read on my blogs lately, that’s a topic always in my posts.

The weather’s been great here in the valley and looking forward to do some slow running as we get closer to our first 21K trail race in Morocco.  The mountain colors are starting to change and it’s a reminder for me that life changes as well like the seasons.  There is a period of transition and once fall comes, leaves fall, temps drop with less daylight it’s another time in life.  Every season is beautiful, just like life even with challenges.  Grateful and thankful for everything.

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