SFR or Slow Frequency Repetition is a concept I learned from my cycling coach in my racing days.  I’ve grown to love it and continuously use the concept in trail running, hiking and cycling.  It is very beneficial in Muay Thai.

“The goal of an SFR workout is to increase muscular strength and efficiency in pedal strokes.  It is a great exercise in power and muscle recruitment.” (TrueSport)

I am not going into the details of what SFR does in terms of muscle fiber, vascularity production or mitochondria changes because I am not an expert however, I do get the idea of the benefits.  Basically, it will be help the body become more efficient overall.  This type of training also compliments Metabolic Efficiency concept in my earlier in my post.

2015, first month of Muay Thai training! Time flies!

I’ll be doing a lot of SFRs not just on the bike but on the mountains.  Climb, climb, climb!  The goal of course is to be more efficient and in Muay Thai, efficiency is important in longer duration rounds on the pads and on the heavy bag.  It is also a lot about pacing and with a lot more strength, it becomes super fun.  You no longer think about surviving but focus more on perfecting the technique.  Muay Thai is extremely repetitive of all the fundamental techniques every day, every session.  The same thing all the time.  SFR training is focused on muscular endurance, power recruitment and pacing.

It is achieving continuous flow of movement and managing power.  It is a base phase of my training before I head to Thailand and Vietnam for Muay Thai training.  In every sport I get into, I’ve always believed in periodization.  The body needs to recoup, rest, build, taper and peak then repeat.  It works for me to prevent injury, burn out, boredom and consistency.

The cool thing about this year is that we don’t have any race to worry about.  That means, lots of base building and work more on efficiency.

I love training!


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