Fall is here!

I looked out of our balcony window and saw a beautiful view of an opening in the sky while it was raining softly.  It’s one of those many times, lately, of how in awe I am of the change in season.  A couple of hours later as we both unrolled our sofa bed and rested, a herd of sheeps with bells cruised through the street outside.  It was fun to see the sheep dog herding them properly.


We’ve set up a time to drop off our bikes to be stored for many months until we come back next year.  Our bikes have been so valuable here for commute and rides.  It’s so worth having a bike in the valley.  A lot of places are really closed now and there’s hardly any trekkers passing by anymore.  The season is closing and here they call it “inter-season.”  Locals rent out their flats and travel to warmer places until the winter season comes.  The days are getting shorter and it is getting colder by the day.  The grocery stores have limited hours as well as the bakery but it’s still open for a reasonable amount of time.  It’s also wetter as it rains twice a week on and off then sunshine on the other days.  We are savoring every single day now even with limited energy to cover every hike we possibly would like to do!

It’s our last week here in Les Houches and I am not ready to leave this place.  This is our second time here and already, I look forward to next summer.

We took our mountain bikes out again for a nice ride up Chamonix valley to a place we call “playground.”  It is an area right by Le Tines and it’s a fun area to practice some mountain bike skills.  Roots, rocks, singletracks through trees and small downhills.  There are so many loops and off-shoots, even steep short climbs for that short burst efforts.  We played around quite a bit and then headed back on the road to Les Houches.  The weather was just perfect for a hard effort as it keeps the body warm.  We stopped at our favorite Casino grocery store for some croissants – they bake it there in the grocery store!

The day ended with sheeps passing by and a rested time most parts of the day.  That is pretty much a day in a life for us.  We do a lot of research and watching youtube videos of other peoples travels to get ideas.  There’s so much information out there and there are so many other travelers who have similar lifestyle to ours.  It’s incredible.  A lot of them post videos, blogs and even do some work on the side to share their experiences which is great.  In this world of the internet, traveling is much more easier now with all the information out there.

One thing I’ve been really wanting to do since I first traveled is to write a cook book.  It just hasn’t materialized at all.  Once in a while I think about it but there’s just no motivation but at the same time, it would be cool.  It’s one of those moments where I really don’t know how to start it out.  There are two important key things that first need to happen – learning how to speak Vietnamese and French.  Learning the language will open up more opportunities for me to learn the food, the history, the culture and interviewing people about the food.  I’d love to start out with Vietnamese cuisine because it’s my roots.  There are so many ways to make Vietnamese food healthier and that is a concept I plan to write about in my cook book.  Right now, it’s still a dream and the motivation isn’t quite there yet.

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