Fall Riding in Chamonix

Fall is here and today did not disappoint.  The weather was perfect for riding and running.  We took out mountain bike out for a spin.  Doug took me out for a lunch date and we had sushi.  There’s only a couple of Japanese restaurants in Chamonix.  There was a lunch special so we both ordered sashimi salmon on top of rice which comes with miso soup and green tea.  It wasn’t the greatest sushi but it was well prepared and delicious.

I’ve never been so happy seeing a pair of chopsticks, it’s hard to explain nor can I understand why a pair of wooden disposable chopstick would make me so emotionally over joyed!  My mom sent me some chili powder feeling sorry for me that she can’t make me kimchi so with the blessing of YouTube videos, I was able to make us some “emergency” kimchi which was quite good.


It’s not my expertise to make kimchi and making kimchi is an art in my opinion.  I’ll never be as good in making Korean food as my mom.  An ex-chef and a restaurant owner, she is a pro.  I can’t believe I miss chopsticks every time we make rice accompanied with “emergency” kimchi.  It’s hard to explain and I never really thought I’d miss chopsticks so much in my life.


We had a wonderful lunch and after lunch we rode our mountain bikes farther out past La Praz to what we called our “playground”. There are a few mountain bike trails and some off shoot single track through trees with creeks running.  We climbed up, rode down and went around in circles.  It’s so much fun!  It made me miss my cyclocross bike so much even though I love my mountain bike.  It’s a different feel specially with those tubeless tires, it’s like riding on clouds.  It’s a really great cyclocross little playground with plenty of places to mount and dismount.  Super fun stuff.  We found this place last year, also after a long rain fall and the ground is moist and soft, making is so wonderful to ride on.  The fall leaves falling and the pine needles filled the single tracks.  In and out of the off shoot trails to the main trails.  So many places to practice technical rocks and root riding for beginners.

We followed the main trail back to Chamonix but this time we followed the green mountain bike trail sign and found ourselves in a different place in the valley.  A quiet road with mainly locals living in the area.  There is another supermarche in the main centre so we will have to check that out next time.


There is a small tunnel bridge off the road on the way back that I always wanted to check out because it had a trail sign that goes back to gare or train station in Les Houches.  It’s so peaceful and nice on the trails this time of year.  We only saw a couple with their dog walking on the trail.  Doug got a flat and fixed it then off we went to head back to the apartment.  So, we basically followed the river in Chamonix valley from where the “playground” was all the way back to Les Houches.

A wonderful day and thankful for such good weather today.  I am also feeling so much better and the body is happy.

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