Finicky Weather

This year’s weather is much more wetter than last year in the same month of August.  Mother Nature is not quite sure if she wants to bring in the full on summer quite yet but that’s how it is specially in the mountains.

Yesterday, we hiked up to Merlet Park.  Park Merlet is a nice park up at about 2,000 ft facing the opposite mountain with glaciers.  It’s really nice view up there and it was so busy!  I’ve never seen the parking lot so full.  Chamonix is now running a free shuttle service down from the Les Houches Gare or train station lifting about 8 passengers up to Park Merlet every 30 mins.  It’s convenient specially for small children and those who don’t want to drive up.  That’s new this year.

The hike up was very nice and even though it rained a few days in the late afternoon or evenings, the ground is always quite dry once the sun comes out.  It took us over an hour to get to the park and we watched little children enjoy their day while we ate our tuna sandwich for our lunch stop.  The downhill was quick and I really enjoyed it more than other times!  There’s much more control and balance in my body.  I was thinking to myself how those tough single legged lateral hops workouts at the gym paid off!  I continued to enjoy and jumped on rocks for some plyometrics workout on the downhill.  I get good momentum from the jump and have to try to find a good line after to keep the speed.  So much fun…feeling strong gave me so much confidence on the downhill.

Our training focus is so different from last year.  Last year, we were building up for Ultra Trail Monte Rosa stage race.  This year, we are focused on more of an overall strength and power.  I’ve been training a lot of Muay Thai and Hunny trained a lot of boxing.  We only did one trail running race and ditched the other one.  Racing is not in our minds this year, at all but instead really enjoy the mountains and now, with our new bikes as well.  I also really look forward to going back to Thailand and Vietnam for more Muay Thai training.

I’ve gained some muscles this year from all the workouts in the gym and Muay Thai.  I really like the feeling of “strong” in everything I do.  It doesn’t matter how slow or fast I go because feeling strong is much more enjoyable.  Going to the gym wherever we are will matter.  The rewards we are getting from going to the gym transferred to all the activities we do is like putting money in the bank each time we workout in the gym.  We both will need a strong body everywhere we go and in everything we do.

Our day ended up with another lentil pancake dinner…

We woke up this morning to thunderstorm and lots of rain.  Blessed and grateful for such beauty.  Thankful for everything.

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