Goodbye Friend

It’s always hard to part ways with any of our bicycles.  Our mountain bikes are still in great condition and have traveled many miles with us this last two years.  We love them.  In the course of two years riding through the Indian, Nepal Himalayan mountains and the French Alps, we only had one flat in one bike.  Nothing else happened.  Until today, it’s still as good as when we got them.  Incredible bikes.  Our new bikes have big shoes to fill…

I have the same feeling I had the first time we purchased our mountain bikes.  How reliable will it be?  Will it need a lot of work once we are out there in nowhere land?  Can it survive the treachearous terrains of the mountains?  Are the components good enough?

It took us about a year to understand what our needs are when it comes to choosing our next bikes.  Right after our trip to India, our bikes lived in the French Alps stored during the winter time.  Traveling to Asia, we use cruiser bikes either for rent and a commuter bike we purchased for our stay in Ho Chi Minh City.  Just recently, our experience led us to buy “gravel bikes.”

It’s too early to know how the bike will do in our trips just like the first time we took our mountain bikes from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar.  The new bikes will stay with us where ever we go now.  It’s an all around bike.  A commuter, off road, on road and touring.  The first few rides were awesome and it felt great.  We’ll see how it does.  The bike doesn’t cost as much as all the other bikes we’ve had because for our lifestyle now, it’s less important however I am worried about how the components will be.

Thank you to our old mountain bikes…you have given us many amazing adventures!  Memories to cherish in our lifetime and talked about all the time…

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