Lacs Des Cheserys

There’s so much beauty in the mountains.  We started our day with a quick breakfast and packed our lunch for a hike.  The train came on time and we rode up to Montroc to start our exploration of a trail we’ve not done before.  There is a trail head right by the train station and follows along the road to the Natural Preserve center on Col de Montets.  A big climb to Lacs Des Cheserys!  Right along the base of the climb, there were a lot of wild plants labeled with names and a peaceful stream flowing from the ice melt.

We hiked up to the many small lakes and had lunch at the smaller lake before that final ascent to Lac Blanc.  We saw a couple of Ibis along the way and many nice little falls from all the ice melt.  The sky was so clear and it was warm.  All the wild flowers bloomed and there’s so many variety.  Lunch spot was right by a waterfall and overlooked the lake with a beautiful view.  My soul was refreshed with the sound of the falls and my mind detoxified from the display of natural beauty.

We back tracked down to an intersection then down to Argentiere.  Both tired from the hike since we have not hiked for over nine months!  The legs are tired even with all the training at the gym, it’s not the same kind of training on the mountains but I expected that.  We will be sore for a few days, maybe a week but it always gets better.

We’ve got Trail du Tour de Fiz 30km race coming up in another week and a half but in Doug’s current knee situation, it might be best not to race it and continue training for Ultra Tour Monte Rosa.  We’ve got two trips around Mont Blanc with big mileage and giving up Tour de Fiz may be worth while in this case.  We didn’t expect the injury but the good news is, we don’t think anything is broken – so far.  This is life when you sign up for a race, you never know what can happen and just work along the situation not sacrificing health just to race.

We look forward to more exploration in the mountains!

Tour de France is coming to Chamonix and the last mountain stages will be around Mont Blanc.  It’s already hectic on the roads and as always a crazy event but also a very exciting event.  Also, we look forward to picking up our mountain bikes this Friday!

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