Last Week in the French Alps

Time flies…so very quickly!  It’s already our last week here in the French Alps and it’s been an incredible summer.  We explored new trails and was able to train in a gym.  Everytime we come back, there’s always something new happening and something new to explore.  UTMB week really pumped us up and got us even more excited to do some races.  We were so inspired by all the runners everywhere during the week.  It’s definitely a life changing event for many.

Getting inspired as we watch UTMB racers finishing! Congrats to all runners!

There’s a few things that need to be done this week.  One thing we are going to do is to ship some things back to California such as our camping gears etc.  Looking ahead in Leh, we are planning to do some trekking and stay at home stays which is very common in Ladakh trekking trips.  We will need to pack up our bikes in the end of this week.

Leh will be our base camp for a little over a month to train once again for a trail running race in Thailand in November.  PYT or Pong Yang trail race is held in Chiang Mai, Thailand and we look forward to racing PYT again!  Our last race was so much fun.  We did the 30km distance in 2015 and this year, we are going to do the 44km distance.  There will be some traveling logistics as well as confirming our accommodation but it looks like it’s going to be doable!

It’s going to be interesting also to ride our bikes from Bangkok to Pattaya in two days.  We’ve never done a long distance cycling trip in Asia and this would be a taste of it.  Just our back pack and the bike.  Hunny is looking forward to that.  It is also weather dependent but one thing cool about Asia is there are a lot of reasonable transport options to get to a destination.  However, our bicycles is mainly our transport and it’s how we commute around where ever we are.  We love having our bikes with us!

So, packing up this week will require some sorting out for a more lightweight backpack from here to where ever we end up after Vietnam.  It will be interesting how we survive in Leh with the cold but since it is only a short time, we’ll have to wing it.  Leh may be remote but it’s also geared to trekkers so if we need something desperately for the cold, we can find it in Leh.

Three months in the French Alps went by so fast and it always feels like we need more time here right before we leave.  On the other hand, it’s also nice to have a change of scenery to explore new places and meet new people.  We love the changes, the movement, enjoy planning our next destination and incorporating activities to help us keep fit.  Never a dull moment…

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