Le Prarion

Oh Le Prarion.  I remember the climb up to Le Prarion from Forclaz quite difficult last year.  It was a warm day and it was a tough climb.  We climbed the opposite way yesterday coming from the cemetery to Bellevue.  It was a beautiful day and the climb to Bellevue started really chilly.  Once we got to the sun line, it felt so good to be warmed up by the heat of the sun.  We did see a few trekkers also enjoying the day after a rainy day.


We headed up to Le Prarion lift then from there, about 20 mins to the top of Le Prarion.  The view was fantastic and clear.  There were a couple of guys setting up their paragliding wings at the top.  As expected, the downhill was very steep, technical and slippery.  That side of the mountain was shaded and there were frost as well as some wet mud.  The rocks were slippery.  A long ways down to the junction of Forclaz.  There was a trail that we’ve never been at and it was really nice but hard to find from the bottom.  We followed it contouring towards Les Houches.  It dropped us down the round about across the lake which was great because we were 7 mins from when the #1 bus arrived.  We rode the bus back to the apartment.


We were both so hungry again.  The cold temps really increases appetite and the only thing I wanted was some sardines, rice with some soy sauce.  It was quick and yummy.  We had a second meal after that as well!  It was almost a 5-hour hike.  Slow and fun.  The weather forecast is nice the next few days and some rain in the weekend.  There is a sheep festival in Servoz this weekend and if the weather is good, we will run to Servoz and enjoy the warm fresh Apple cider from the festival.  We had some last year and it was so good!

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