Les Chapieux to Courmayeur

We woke up at 6am and got ready for another day.  It was really cloudy outside without sun.  It started to drizzle on and off as we waited for breakfast.  Breakfast was muesli, milk, coffee (with warm milk) and bread with some butter or jam.  Immediately after eating our breakfast we headed out and said goodbyes to our new acquaintances.

We followed the trail markers that had “TMB” and continued on crossing the river and then a bit of a climb.  We didn’t expect that climb and even saw a road where vans were going somewhere.  There is another refuge at the junction so the road is convenient.

It started to rain and we were really worried.  It’s only been 2.5 miles into our 18 mile day and it’s already raining.  I was concerned about being wet all the way.  We continued on to the junction and then saw a lot more hikers on the climb.  The climb goes all the way to Col de Seigne, that is pretty much the climb of the day.  It was not as hard as the first day and much less technical.  On our way up, we saw the group of hikers that slept in our dorm room!  What a surprise!  I guess some groups have options to get shuttled to the junction and start their hiking from there.  Not bad!

The sun started to shine and we were so happy to take our rain jackets off.  The next goal for us was to get to the Italian border which is where Refuge Elisabetta was located.  It was so beautiful with the view of a glacier right behind that refuge.  That’s why that refuge was so popular.  We continued on a downhill, a pretty rocky steep down and saw a porta potty.  We took our break and continued to run.  Our next goal again was to get to Visaille which was mostly road.  We didn’t choose the higher road but a more direct way.  We were getting tired just to find out, we had to climb up a relentless climb to a ski lift to even see the other side of Courmayeur which is our destination.

Doug was getting bonky and I was also tired but we are going the right way.  Finally, we reached the top of a ski lift but it’s not over.  At least we are able to see Courmayeur but it was still another hour and a half down a very steep, once again relentless down.  We were ready to get it done.

We reached Courmayeur bus station with 5 mins to spare before the next bus leaves for Chamonix.  Ugh, no Italian pizza.  We got on the bus and off we went through the French border.  This time, we took our passports out to be checked by the border security.  We got to Chamonix Sud which is the main bus station then got on the Chamonix bus back to the apartment.

We were so beat up and tired.  The hot shower felt so good and we ordered 2 French pizzas from down the road.  We celebrated our two days of incredible hiking and running.

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