Our French Alps Apartment

Our apartment is very small and every usable space must be used efficiently. It’s practical, the way it’s designed and it’s a typical floor plan in the Alps. It really makes you think about conserving space and kinda fun finding ways to be more efficient. It’s actually cool having small living space because WIFI is so fast – it doesn’t have to travel too far.  For the two of us, the living space is just right.

We don’t have a microwave nor an oven, just a stove. We do have a French press and slow cooker. I think we also have a raclette cooker. We are also learning to be smart in buying groceries. Living in the French-Alps is about high carbs, fat and lots of dairy. There are also good fresh veggies at the grocery stores so once in a while a good salad for a break. Our refrigerator is a small one, like the ones you find in RV’s so we have to be smart in what we stock up and use during the week. Everything in the fridge has to be eaten in a short amount of time.


Tap water is safe to drink, which saves us lots of money compared to buying bottled water. There are also fountains around and we have to look for one if we want fresh spring water from the mountains. We can fill up bottles for free. We found a fountain beside the Tourism Office and plan on filling up bottles of water.  Those fountain water taste really good compared to tap water on the faucet.

The washing machine in the apartment can only load up about 8 pieces of running clothes, however we are happy to have one! In fact, we are ecstatic!  It worked really well. We have a laundry rack on the balcony where we can hang our washed clothes to dry.  This is very typical in Europe and even in Asia.  Driers waste lots of energy.  Our apartment faces the sunset so in the late afternoon, we get a lot of sun and that really works out great! Run or hike all morning, come back mid afternoon, do laundry then let it dry outside. Laundry done in one day!

We love the location of the apartment. Yes, it’s like a tiny house but the location is worth it. Center in town, bakery across the street, church on our right, grocery stores walking distance (just behind the church), bus stop outside, train station 5 mins away and a few good restaurants plus a bike repair shop just a few blocks down. Post office and Tourism office below the grocery store.

This is the type of lifestyle we love and we can learn a lot from living in small space.

We’ve now settled in and figured out where things are around us.  In a few days, we will gradually build up our mileage and focus on training for Ultra Trail Monte Rosa.  A month and a half before the race and we have planned out two back to back days of good mileage backpacking around Mont Blanc.  Action packed week this week with the Tour de France coming, our trail run race the end of the month and a lot of hiking in the mountains.

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