Pedaling Around the World

How does one know if it’s the right time to do something?

In the last two and a half years, we’ve been living in different countries doing various activities, explored places and experienced people’s lives.  The mode of transportation have been a mix of riding our mountain bikes, trekking, running and all sorts of mass transportation from Tuk Tuk in Thailand, train to the French Alps, bus crossing the Himalayas etc.

It’s time…

In 2018, we will roam around the world on our bicycle officially starting in Europe.  There’s so much planning ahead.  A reliable bike, camping and cooking gears, bags, electronics and stuff – we plan on going extremely light weight.  We like minimal.  That is how we travel and have been traveling.  We have enough “minimalist” experience to do it and it will not be perfect of course.  It is a journey of many destinations.

There are no mixed emotions about the decision because it is what we wanted to do for so long.  It is our dream.  It’s just never been the right time or moment to go for it but now, we are ready.

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