Race in India

There are a myriad of trail running races in the world!  Last year, we raced the Morocco Race and UTMR (Ultra Trail Monte Rosa) which I have yet to write race reports about those incredible races.  Soon!  We’ve also signed up for a couple of races in 2016 and 2017 but for logistical reasons, we weren’t able to participate.  A challenge in signing up for races is the races we generally like to do gets full early so we would sign up for months ahead of time to get in before even planning our itinerary of what country we would be living.  There is no telling of what happens 6-8 months or even just 3-4 months ahead.  There could be a volcano eruption like the time when we were stuck in Bali, Indonesia airport waiting for our flight to get to the Bromo Tengga race on another island.

Some races don’t cost much to register which is mostly what we pick because we can’t afford expensive races, however the cost of getting there specially accommodation and transportation can become significantly expensive.  We have to really analyze, research and understand the full logistics to get the lowest or most reasonable cost option before committing to a certain race.

So, with a few of those lessons learned last year from signing up early we are much more mindful of signing up for races too early later this year.  Some races that are more popular have deadlines on when to register and the commitment to travel to the race must be firm.  It really sucks signing up for a race and end up not racing!

We love racing and training towards a goal.  Goal setting is what keeps us motivated to train everyday hence, our life is pretty much like a training camp.  We eat, train, rest and can talk about training all day long.  We’ve been married for 20 years now (another month!) and we don’t ever get tired of talking about training or racing day in and day out.

There is one race in India that we strongly would like to race and are in the process of looking at the logistics surrounding that race.  We will be prepared for this race because we would be fully acclimated to race at high altitude and will have ample time to train.  The race is perfect for what we like, extremely steep terrain with combination of varied terrains, high altitude and a comfortable distance we would enjoy.  Those are things we love about the race.

Stay tuned for more updates…

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