Rest and Recovery

The days are getting shorter and the yesterday, temperature dropped significantly enough to turn the heater on.   We walked down to the center yesterday afternoon to cheer on the UTMB racers and chatted with a couple visiting from the US.  They just arrived and will be trekking around Mont Blanc starting today.

Live bands, tartiflette and cheers in Les Houches for UTMB

The atmosphere this year in Les Houches is much more lively than last year and more people.  Everyone standing around and waiting for the thousands of UTMB racers come through the first aid station.  Cheers, claps, waves, high fives and the street was filled with so much energy.  It really makes you feel like you want to sign up for a race.  The runners come by in their running kits, it was so cool to see what gears and clothes they are wearing.  The fog was just starting to engulf the first and easiest climb in the race, Col de Voza.  It was drizzling but we were all there supporting the racers.

There were 2 races going, CCC and UTMB so most of the day we were checking updates of the leaders, find out where they are in the course, their next point etc.  UTMB have live updates, tracker and even live TV in English.  This race have become very much like the Tour de France and it’s awesome to be able to connect with racers online.  We find it very motivating and inspiring to follow every single racer whether they are first or last.  Cold weather made me drink lots of hot fluids and one of them is hot chocolate.  I found one without sugar which was cool.

I decided to take another day off to recover my sore legs from the circuit two days ago at the gym.

3 rounds, 1 min recovery each round

3X1min, 20 secs recovery

Hang power cleans, 6kgs dumbells
Kettle ball swings, 8kgs
Air squats with arm lifts, 4kg medicine ball

It was tough and the last set was really hard but managed to complete it.  I try to do sort of a tabata circuit once a week and it only gets harder as I get fitter.  A really great workout and happy to be very sweaty during the session.

Today, the legs are happy again.  The short time left here in the French Alps is always tough because we love this place a lot but it’s time to move on.  We just keep coming back every summer!

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