Riding to Sallenches

The weather was fantastic yesterday and we took our mountain bikes out for a nice ride to Sallenches.  Sallenches is a bigger town about 15 miles down.  We hit a construction detour on the way down from Vaudagne and was re-routed via a small trail but not long, however it was steep.  We passed through Servoz as the sun was starting to clear up the low clouds.

A nice rolling road with a small climb then a long downhill all the way to Sallenches.  We took the main road back to Passy then headed back up the hill climbing all the way back to Servoz.  It was such a beautiful day and there were a lot of cyclists out also enjoying the sunshine.  We stopped by Grand Frais to use the bathroom but I had to really browse the store!  It was an awesome supermarket with great prices.  I found lemongrass and kefir leaves!  The store had a lot of variety of cheeses, meats and products for discounted prices.  Best of all the bakery!  As we entered the grocery store, there is a bakery on the side with discounted baked goods and espresso.  We tried some Beignet and espresso.  On the discounted shelf, we also got two loaves of fig bread – it was delicious!


We’d have to go back there to get more food.  We both carried some prepared salad and heads of butter lettuce on our way back.  It held up okay.  We waited for the train in Servoz since there was construction in the climb up to Vaudagne but the train schedule have changed – another construction and it looks like from what we understand, there will be no train from Servoz to Les Houches until end of November.  There is a bus though but will not carry bikes, not a V1 or V2 bus.

The next few days will be lovely and we look forward to hiking again.  This week’s going to be the unknown for me with my hormones.  Fatigue have set in specially in the morning.  I know it’s hormones because it’s a different kind of fatigue than normal.  The best thing is to take it easy this next two weeks and see how it pans out.  Hope for the best.


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