Route de Servoz to Passy

The weather was just amazing yesterday on our bikes!  There is a little climb then a long descent down to Servoz from our apartment.  This is also the climb on the way back from our ride if we head down the hill.  Vaudagne is a very small village where the train has a stop for passengers.

We wore our bike shoes yesterday, it’s been a while!  It made such a difference in pedaling compared to just the running shoes.  A much more nicer feel pedaling for sure.  Hunny asked me one time if I wanted to pack our cycling shoes and pedals – at first, I said no but now that I know how much it makes a difference in pedaling smoother with much better power transfer on hills I changed my mind.  We’ll carry it everywhere we go with our bikes.  There is a big difference in what muscles work and it is safer to avoid not pedaling properly specially on climbs.  The running shoes did make my lower back a bit sore the other day.  Probably not wise to continue specially if we were to have a backpack on our backs.

It was a very nice downhill and so nice not to worry about putting on layers.  Just a nice cool breeze and then it got warmer as we got down to Chedde.  We rode towards Sallanches then headed up towards Passy  main town.

There is a water fountain there which I often miss because we normally go downhill and completely blast through the town.  It’s a really nice old town and there is a road that goes up towards Passy Plaine Joux, popular cycling climb.  It’s steeper than Route de Servoz which we were on. Route de Servoz is about 3-5% and 6% the most so it’s a really nice steady climb while enjoying the view of St Gervais, Mont Blanc and a lot of paragliders in the area.

Water fountains are cool because we can refill our water bottle which means less to carry.  Usually, almost all villages have one in the main center or some villages have them everywhere.  Most of them are drinking fountains and rarely do we see ones that are not for drinking. There will be a sign “non-potable” which means don’t drink!

On the way up to Vaudagne, about half way to the highest point before dropping down to Les Houches is another nice fountain built in 1992.  It was warm on the climb back to Les Houches but the water was very cold and refreshing on this fountain.

It was a nice climb and really enjoyed wearing proper bike attire for the first time for a while.  I was able to purchase a bike shorts on sale and had a couple of bike jerseys I packed all the time.  The bike shorts felt amazing after not having it and riding bikes for a long time.  We worked on more SFR (Slow Frequency Repetition) on Route de Servoz climb which was perfect for that workout.  Loved every moment.

We stopped a bit for a bathroom stop down in Servoz, ate a little bit of our tuna sandwich – but just a little before the climb to Vaudagne.  It’s hard to have a full stomach on a climb.  Vaudagne climb is a bit steeper but shorter however, the most grade would be around 10% average.  It’s sort of a kicker climb as we end our ride! Ouch.

Route de Servoz was nice and really smooth road.  A few cars along the way and many cyclists yesterday.  A good day on the bike!

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