Training Camp Update

The gym was packed again yesterday.  The weight room is really small with a lot of old equipment however, it seems to be maintained okay.  Once it gets crowded, there is a wait for equipment use.  80% of gym goers are the same people.  These guys are dedicated and are very consistent.  We only go about twice a week and usually see the same people.  Most of the time, I am the only woman in the “musculation” or weight room.  I don’t mind because everywhere I go, it’s quite common that I am the only woman in class like Muay Thai class for example.  I’ve gotten use to working out with guys and it doesn’t bother me one bit.  Everyone is there for a purpose specially if they are the same people that show up everyday.  In the Chamonix gym, guys are pretty cool.

It was a break through day for me.  Hunny always does his routine which is his own personal training.  We are in the gym together but we have our own thing that we do.  For me, it was a HIIT or Tabata or Interval day – whatever you call it and it’s a tough one.

This is the first time I started doing a short circuit based on duration instead of the usual reps so it was a really good workout!  Here is what I did:

As always, you always get that feeling of accomplishment after a good burn.  I was mighty proud of myself.  I had sweat splashing around, I grunted and most likely looked like crap but in the end it was mission accomplished.  The tabata timer I downloaded on my iPhone was pretty cool!

This would be really good to do twice a week and my time at the gym have increased to 1.5 hours which is awesome!  Let’s see how it goes next week…

Post workout glow…love it!

It really takes time to build up to be able to do any type of intervals.  The long, boring weight training for a month (or more is better!) helps strengthen ligaments, joints and muscle repair/growth to get it ready for circuit training.  This is also a cycle.  I know that when we spend a little over a month in Leh, India without a gym to workout – I’d have to find an alternative way to keep working out without losing so much strength specially at high altitude.  That is going to be a challenge.  Living at over 11,800 ft affects the body and losing muscle mass is inevitable.  Nutrition also changes at that height.  It will be interesting what I come up with to maintain my current gym fitness.

Ideally, my theory is to work on gaining muscles in France and then work on cutting fat more in Leh, India.  Right now, I am leaner because of all the long Zone 2 cardio on the mountains and weight training – seems to be working really well for me.  It will be interesting how that all changes in the mountains of Ladakh!

These kind of things fascinate me all the time.  The body is an amazing organism.  It learns, adapts and compensates.  Managing the body to do what you want it to do is a complex puzzle and it constantly evolves from where you reside or what your goals are.

Looking forward to the challenges ahead and how my fitness will be once we get to Thailand for some Muay Thai training!

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