I was listening to Stacy Sims discussion last night with Endurance Planet about the most talked about women’s topic, mentrual cycle and menopause – how it affects training in women.  The thought of approaching menopause makes me think of some changes I have to do to in my lifestyle.  Increased protein in my diet, a lot more conscious about hydration everyday, increased recovery days, build more power etc  It’s going to be a transition but it’s also a good time to start.

It’s sort of crept up on me about these changes earlier this year and there was no doubt that training in an MMA gym benefited me a lot.  My goal at the gym was to reduce fat and build more muscle and based on my body composition tests done every month there, I’ve increased lean body mass.  The thing is, maintaining it is a challenge.  I do notice the hydration changes and I do have to drink more than usual – however, I also go to the bathroom more often.  I guess this is where a daily hydration plan need to be planned out.

I’ve been increasing my protein intake in every meal and made sure I have protein in my meals.  Less of the starchy carbs unless I workout that day and more on complex carbs whenever I can.  I have not had problems sleeping yet which I believe is the most common problem in menopausing women.

Every time I look back on the last year I’ve been in the job, working many hours – drinking quad lattes, sleeping 4 hours a day, stressed out in meetings, eating bad food – I am thankful that I’ve left that life.  16 years of that lifestyle takes a toll in the body and I am grateful to have realized the impact it had on my body.  I decided to leave that life and chose another path for the sake of my health.  In those stressful times at work, I relied on stimulation of food and caffeinated drinks.  I gained a lot of weight.  At one point, I even tried to balance my life by riding my bike 40mi to work every other day – it was great but my work didn’t support such balance.  Unfortunately.

So, I put a stop to an unhealthy life and with some savings we started a new life.  We both believed that it’s time and the new lifestyle we chose will be good for us.  It has been amazing.  The body is an amazing thing.  As I go through the changes of being a woman, I will learn new things and find new opportunities that fits me.  Menopause is a good change and a new life.  In a way, I celebrate deep inside of the changes and accept it.  The transition is happening.

My goal now is to learn about my body more than ever.  There will be changes hard to do like backing off some days to recover or add more days to recover.  Managing my diet and eat consciously is another goal.  Hormonal changes will happen and I just need to be able to manage around it.  Let’s see how it goes!

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