UTMB week arrived and racers are out on course.  PTL started 2 days ago and just this morning TDS started.  Last year, we were van camping at a small camping site with WIFI.  We drove down from Valmorel to spectate and find out where our next “home” will be for the last two months in Europe.  This year, we are back and a full three months in Les Houches.  It’s been amazing and time flies so fast.

We found out that an aid station for the race is set-up behind the church beside our apartment.  Racers will go through that aid station and we also can watch them from our balcony.  UTMB is just as big as any of the cycling grand tours we’ve followed.  Spectators come from all over the world, everyone camping out to watch and cheer, the atmosphere is so exciting and everyone having a great time.  It incredibly inspiring to see all the racers.

Our training is okay.  Lately, we’ve been hiking a lot and trying to get more time on the feet out on the mountains.  The current fitness we have is going to be what it is in the race.  It’s going to be tough with the back to back long distances on stage 2 and 3, however we are there racing because we love the mountains.  Tour of Monte Rosa around Zermatt will be the first for us so we are very excited no matter where we finish.

In the next few days, we will have to really complete our mandatory equipment check before UTMR.  The only thing we have left, I believe is the required tape to pack during the race.  We finally got our rain pants which we hope not to use.  The forecast is kinda IF-FY so I am really praying for good sunny weather in the 3 days of racing.

Yesterday, just by chance we met our Thai friends in Chamonix!  We raced the Pong Yaeng race they’ve organized and had a blast.  It’s really surreal to see friends from another country in a country we are living.  We had a great chat and will follow her race.

I am not sure what we are going to do today because my feet are both pretty trashed from all the downhills.  It’s brutal here, although good practice for UTMR.  The last two days are long days on the mountain with good vertical gains.  The weather’s been so incredibly nice and warm so the views are amazing on top, so gotta hike up there!

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