Wild Berries on the Mountain

We walked through a cornucopia of blueberry and raspberry field yesterday on a place called Plan de Benoi.  It’s the same trail that climbs up to Aguillettes des Houches.  The weather was sunny and warm but it did feel like fall with the cool breeze once in a while.  The blueberry bushes are turning colors, more of a fall yellow-orange colored leaves.  I did notice that the blueberries were ripe, plump and sweet.  To our surprise while picking blueberries, there were also lots of raspberries in the same area!  They were so juicy and sweet.  Note that we’ve never had experienced foraging for berries in the mountain so it really felt like a buffet of berries walking on the trail yesterday.  We were in awe of the abundance of the berries and it was so much fun!

We saw a few people with the blueberry gadget also gathering berries.  It was actually quite busy on the trails going up and going down.  On the way down to back, we spotted a big bush of blackberries so we picked a lot of it.  It seems like fall is the season for berries.  Earlier or weeks before, there are berries but it looks like the berries ripened later in the summer.  It’s quite disruptive on the runs or hike, funny.  I end up stopping after spotting some and then eating.  It’s such a fun time on the mountain.


It’s drizzling outside this morning and it looks like rain all day.  We had our normal muesli breakfast but to my much awaited moment, topping my muesli with the berries we picked.  It’s such a great feeling to have climbed 3200 ft, picking berries and now, it’s on my bowl of muesli.  There is a sense of happiness in just knowing where those berries came from.  I know I am being melodramatic about this but it’s quite a nice feeling.  Wild berries picked from the mountains, seriously, how cool is that?  Every single bite of my breakfast means something.  It reminded me of the fun times picking them in the mountains.  It felt like being a kid again.

Last year, we really didn’t see much of the berries or we may have not even bothered to notice such beauty.  It’s been raining on and off more this year in the valley so maybe that’s why.  It was a bit more drier last year than this year.  Leaves are starting to fall and their colors are changing.  Even the pine trees have dried up edges ready for new sprouts.  It’s really so beautiful in the mountains on any season although, we’ve never really been around here in the winter time.  Maybe someday.

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