Wild Blueberry Fields

The unknowns excite us now.  The fear of not knowing or what lies ahead seem to have subsided.  It’s replaced with curiosity, eagerness and our minds open to challenges.  There’s only much planning one can do in any journey and what matters is our attitude towards what comes along.  How we perceive the world is based on our upbringing, experiences in life, who we surround us with and our deep rooted personality from our family.

Yesterday, we took a trail we’ve never been before.  We know about such trail and at one point a few weeks back, an old gentleman showed us where the trail goes in the map.  He told us how difficult and steep the trail was and suggested we take another route.  We decided to see how difficult it was yesterday.

It was very hard and very steep, downhill!

But, check out what we found…

Wild Blueberry field

We did our normal climb up towards Aiguillettes des Houches and took a trail towards Servoz village then cut off to a very steep climb to Pierre Blanche junction.  This junction is a split to either go up to Aiguillettes des Houches or go down towards Servoz via Montvauthier or head back the normal way to Les Houches.  We came up the trail from Les Houches and had our lunch break at Pierre Blanche.  We sat on a rock to enjoy our packed tuna sandwich.  A family came up and we all greeted each other.  The girl said, “bon appetit!”

Before our lunch stop, we hiked through some deep forest and it was absolutely quiet.  I don’t know how many times I mentioned to Hunny how peaceful the place was.  The rocks were covered with new fern growth, not moss and they looked so green from all the rain the previous days.

The trail reminded me of the redwood trails in California after a day of rain.  We hiked through it with a refreshing spirit of beauty.  We felt connected with the aura of the life around us.

We continued on after a quick lunch break to head down the new trail we’ve never been before.  We were ready for anything and the trail was so beautiful as it opened up to a view of mountains of Passy Preserve.  We noticed people on the field of something and my hunch was that they are picking berries.  Berries are flourishing right now in the mountains.  We saw about ten people scattered in a Blueberry field.  What a fun surprise!

I picked a few and they were very ripe.  We walked, picked and ate a buffet of blueberries.  It was everywhere surrounding the trail.  We saw people’s backpacks on the side of the trail as they all find their spots to pick blueberries.  Some had blueberry scoopers like this one…

Note: Photo from internet search to show what the blueberry tool looks like.

We saw this blueberry scooper at the hardware store in town.  A few of the hikers had them.  It makes it quick to harvest a bunch at a time.  Pretty neat!

We admired the blueberry field and found some raspberries on the way down as well.

The trail was getting steeper heading down.  Oh yeah, it was very steep and challenging.  We passed through a couple of running creeks that had slick rocks, some rocky sections, slippery gravel, tree roots and a few gnarly sections with chains to hold on to.

The downhill was not long at all, only about 2 miles but it took us almost an hour to get down.  We dropped down about 2800 ft (800 m) in just 2 miles.  Crazy steep!

The trails were well marked and we admired the flourishing plants surrounding the area.  We found more black mushrooms and for the first time ever, a purple mushroom.

We finally made it down to connect to the village trails to head back to the train station.  On the way to the train station, we met two British couple and chatted with them a bit.  We talked about the wild blackberries on the mountain.

The train was so busy and pretty packed with people coming from St. Gervais heading to Chamonix.  We were tired from all that steep downhill but it was all so worth it!

The unknown beyond the trail came out to be beautiful blueberry field and fantastic views.  We discovered a change in ecology from one side of the mountain to another.  The trail is tough and challenging but the reward is so worth it.

Life has a lot of unknowns and an open mind with a positive attitude will bring you places of happiness…

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