Arrival to Leh, India

As soon as we got off the airplane at Leh airport, we could feel the pressure from the altitude.  It’s a heavy feeling and our breathing was labored.  It’s about 10,500 ft at the airport.  The air was dry and the sun was extremely bright to the eyes.  It was cold and very dry.  We were picked up by our host, Otis from Shanyer Guest House.  It’s the same guest house we stayed at two years ago.  A very kind and gentle Otis with his beautiful family.  Leh has changed a lot in good ways.  The street at the market is now all done and really nice to walk around.  It was under construction two years ago making it really tough to walk around at that time.  New stores, restaurants and banks opened up this year so there are a lot more options.

We walked down the market after getting settled in our room.  It was intense as I really felt the altitude not going down hill but going up hill.  It’s warm once the sun is out but chilly in the shaded areas.  Breathing was very labored in our easy walk.

The day was really nice with a lot of sun.

I stuck with making garlic soup at night so we only had that for dinner.  We were able to sleep 11 hours so we must have been really tired from the travel.  We were in bed at 6pm.  The sleep did us good because we both felt great in the morning.  It will still be a few more days to acclimate and looking good so far.

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