Camping Gears

We took out our camping gears from storage and took it with us.  It’s something we’ve been looking forward to if we got a chance to go back to California.  The biggest challenge of traveling minimally is that it doesn’t always happen.  For instance, we had to check in baggage this time around for the camping gears which will be incredibly useful for us in the French Alps as well as Ladakh.  Another challenge is traveling with bicycles.  Most airlines now charge for bicycles but some are still worth looking into.  In Asia, Nok Airlines for instance don’t require boxing or bagging the bikes, just roll in during checking and roll out at baggage claim.

We love the French Alps for many reasons and one of them of course is the access to amazing hiking and running trails.  Chamonix is a Mecca for many outdoor activities and we keep coming back because of it.  We’ve got our mountains bikes stored in Chamonix and this is the second year we had it in storage while we roam around Asia.  Each year, we learn more about the area and plan on new things to do.  This year, wild camping is one of them.  Other options would be bike touring around the area and camping.  It’s really something we look forward to every year.

Ladakh is another place we are heading back this year.  Wild camping is allowed in the very desolate and high mountains.  Lucky for us, the Indian evisa now allows not just one month visa-free entry but 2 months which is awesome.  We can take our time in exploring Ladakh.   Our base residence will be with special people where we’ve stayed with two years ago.  We are also looking forward to that visit.

It’s going to be fun to be wild and rugged again.  As the years go by, we do notice some changes in us physically.  Hunny is in his early 50’s and I am not far behind.  Traveling like how we do is physically demanding and we don’t know how many more years we can do what we do but we try to keep fit to enjoy what we love to do.  It’s still amazing how the body can recover but age does make it much more difficult.  That is the reality.

The experience we have of the changes made us realize that we made the right decision.  Time flies and aging happens.  I know I sound like it’s not a good thing however, I was astounded by some of the changes this last two years.  It is important to keep fit for many reasons now.

“Health is wealth.”  Truth.

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