Indian e-Visa Online

It’s time once again to apply for our Indian e-Visas for our stop in Ladakh.  The first time we applied for our Indian Tourist Visa which was not done online was in Kathmandu, Nepal.  It was a laborious process which I won’t cover on this post.  There are pros and cons in applying for a tourist visa from the Indian Embassy in Nepal.

The latest Indian e-Visa will allow us 60 days in India.  That is fantastic news for us because we love Ladakh and this will allow us to explore longer in 2018.  This year, we will be arriving in Ladakh mid-September which is the tail end of summer.  Nevertheless, it’s an amazing place to visit.

Hunny sent me this link: How to Apply for Indian Visa and it does a very thorough job of explaining how to fill out the form, the step by step process and makes life easier to apply online.  Just like any other countries, visa fees are non-refundable so hopefully everything in the application form is filled out completely.  Included in the online form are uploaded files of recent passport ID and the passport page with required information.  It all has to be in a specific size, clarity and file size to be accepted online.

The cost is $75 for US Citizens and an additional fee is added based on the payment system you choose to pay with.  It will take about 72 hours for processing and we hope to get an approved e-Visa before we leave France!

On-line visas are really great and so much easier than processing it through an embassy.  If you are applying for a longer term tourist visa, you can by filling out the same form at an embassy.  The process takes about 7 days and the minimum you can get which is up to the discretion of the visa processor, 3 to 6 months.  The last time we applied, we only got 3 months.

In Nepal, the Indian embassy can hold your application until you get back from trekking.  Note that once the visa is approved, the visa date stamped the visa is when the clock starts not when you land in India.  So, that means you have to plan out the timing of applying for the visa depending on you trip schedule.  The Indian tourist visa from the embassy will take up a whole page of your passport just like Vietnam and Laos.

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