It’s my second day on anti-biotics, cough and sinus meds.  I was hit with something very difficult to isolate in terms of symptoms.  I still don’t know what I have but my nasty chills and chest pain are gone after the first day on medication.  It’s not over yet until I’m fully recovered.  I also thought that I am going to miss my period completely this month but alas, it arrived the day after I took my meds.  Confusion sets in with all the symptoms involved at high altitude, infection and monthly cycle.  Relatively, a mix of similar symptoms that is far more complicated for me to decipher which is which.  For now, I am just thankful that the chills and chest pain is gone.  I was able to sleep the full night and continue to sleep during the day to try and fully recover to start training.

Leh is harsh.  Those who live up here are tough.

The air is dry and thin.  Moisture or humidity is very low.  At night, breathing in dries everything we have hot water to drink to keep everything moist but still hard to keep up.  Our mouths and nose are covered with our buff to retain moisture.  Day time is very hot.  Evenings are very cold.  The shift in temperature from hot to cold is like black to white – no in between.  The sun is so bright, it hurts the eyes.

We’ve gone up and down the market almost everyday to help acclimate, somewhat.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…this is a very tough training camp so far.

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