Training Update

One more big block of training before Manali-Khardungla Cycling Championships.  It’s now a 9-stage race from Manali all the way to Leh with a final stage climbing up 39km to the highest motorable road in the world.  We are getting to the end of our rest week and it really felt more like restless week than a “rest” week.  The good news is, our care package from California is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday so we will be using chamois bike shorts, bike shoes with cleats and real pedals.  I look forward to enjoying them next week.

In the meantime, it’s that time of month again and I’ve noticed that I am super regular meaning exactly on schedule for the last six months.  The first time I trekked over 11,000 ft ever is the first time in Nepal – my menstruation was out of whack during and when I came back to the US.  It seems like the more I expose myself to altitude above 10,000 ft, my body started going to back to it’s normalcy.  In three years, everything went back to normal and no change at all on the schedule or disruptions when I go up to altitude – which is a good thing.  I guess I am not on peri-menopause quite yet…

I know, I will stop talking about that stuff now…

The next three week-block training will really depend on a lot of things as usual.  The weather in Ladakh is getting to be very summer like and that’s great but have to really be hydrated.  The air is so dry here and things dry up quickly.  I am not sure yet whether to increase weekly mileage to 120 mi from 100 mi per week or more.  I think, having those bike shorts would help – going longer would be nice and less painful on the ass.

The race is a little over a month and we just need to make sure we aren’t at the starting line wiped out or overtrained.  I would prefer to be undertrained because this race for us is about surviving the whole way feeling strong at the end.

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