A Very Special Day

Doug have lived 50 years on earth.  That’s a huge deal, I think.  I naturally asked him at dinner yesterday how he felt turning 50.  It’s really a silly question because there’s not much difference from how he felt the day before and turning 50 was not going to change drastically in 24 hours.  Today, we did what we normally do everyday, although we decided to take a rest day from working out from the gym.  Ever since Doug’s “cancer” scare in France which we are thankful it turned out to be nothing to worry about, how we celebrate everyday has changed.  Everyday is special and everyday is like a birthday.  Doug is very thankful and felt really blessed to be alive.  We both do.  We are grateful for the travel experience and where we are today.  Everyday is a holiday for us.  Everyday is a very special day.


We decided to just get lost again today and in returned, we were able to find a local market.  A local open-market, not a commercial grocery store with freezers.  This market was the kind of market Doug really enjoys.  He likes mingling with locals even though he doesn’t speak the language.  Hand gestures work perfectly fine.  We ate deep-fried foods and delicious local beverage, all for $1.55 total.  We saw beautiful smiles and got those stares from the locals.  We are in the right place, on Doug’s birthday.

I believe that what you make of the day is really up to you.  You are in control of our happiness everyday.  Whatever happens in the day, it’s how you make it to be is what matters.  Doug is a special guy.  He likes simple and he is extremely frugal.  If I were to organize his 50th birthday party in a nice restaurant or plan on something luxurious or elegant, for him, it’s not going to be as memorable or fun as eating lunch in a local market with the locals for $1.55.  That is just the way he is.


We found a local market and the only local market we have seen ever since we arrived in Indonesia.  Maybe, we didn’t look so hard but this is Asia.  There should be markets every other city or in every city, I thought.  So, today we celebrated at the market just like how Doug likes it.  We sat down on a bench that is falling apart but held us okay while enjoying deep-fried tofu and egg rolls lunch.  We moved to another food stall that served Es Campur, a traditional sweet dessert in Indonesia and ordered some.  It had shaved ice and we talked about fun experience.


We extended our scooter rental until we check out.  It just makes sense to have a scooter in Indonesia.  It’s the easiest way to get around and really cheap to rent.  It’s $4 per day.  Gas is also very cheap to fill up the scooter tank, only about 35,000 IDR ($2.27).  It’s very practical, in general in Asia to have a scooter to get around.  Here in Bali, it’s highly recommended!

Doug enjoys watching locals and sitting on our lunch bench.



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