Jamu Kunyit

There’s a few things I miss during our travels and it’s becoming more apparent lately.  One of them is having a food processor and a Vitamix blender.  Just those two kitchen items alone will help a lot.  The modern conveniences of a food processor and a powerful blender, I do miss.

Jamu Kunyit is a drink I discovered in our travels to Bali, Indonesia.  It is a strong and potent “elixir” commonly found in the market and sold mostly in the morning.  Balinese locals drink Jamu for good health keeping them away from flus and cold.  It is made out of fresh turmeric, ginger juice, tamarind, palm sugar and salt.  One would have to know what Jamu looks like to find it at the market.  It is very yellow and often sold in recycled water bottles with a lot of turmeric residue on the bottom of the bottle.  I would just shake it up and devour it immediately.  I love strong ginger taste.

Grating fresh turmeric with a grater is a pain.  The yellow oil from the turmeric gets everywhere and easily stains almost anything it comes in contact with.  Jamu is a challenge to make while traveling, however I’d go through the process because of it’s benefits.  Turmeric have been known to help the immune system and together with ginger, it’s a great anti-inflammatory drink.

This Sunday, I found a box of plastic gloves to help combat the yellow stain while grating turmeric.  It helped but still made some pretty good stain on the scrubber while washing the grater, the oil just sticks to everything.  I’d have to find a small food processor to carry with me while traveling dedicated to just turmeric!

Yes, I do miss my old kitchen everytime I find new foods to try and re-create when we travel.  I won’t be able to make Jamu in France because it’s often a challenge to find fresh turmeric and if I do, it’s very expensive.  Tamarind and palm sugar would also be tough to find so during our stay in France, I’d miss Jamu badly.

My old kitchen initially was equipped with the intent of being raw vegan but it ended up with a microwave and a stove because of if we were to resell our home, it might be a good idea to have those appliances in – which ended up a very good idea because we did eventually sold our home.

The whole world of culinary taste have opened up my eyes to so many recipes I want to try while traveling from Nepal, Morocco, Thailand, France, India and Vietnam.  Right now, it’s overwhelming but looking forward to get my head straight to write down recipes I’ve tried for a personal collection of my favorites.

Jamu Kunyit is definitely one of them!

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