Somber Day

The news struck us early morning yesterday and it’s a really sad time.  We just came from France just three weeks ago and to hear the attack in Paris was not something we want to hear but it’s real.  We pray for peace, the innocent victims in the attack and their families.  Paris is not only the targeted attack this week and there are even more innocent deaths in the news.  It’s one of those things that I could not understand and probably never will.

Does it worry us because we travel so much?

Yes, of course.  It does concern us in many ways but violence can take place anywhere, anytime.  There is no way to know what can happen in life.  We can only do what we can control to be safe and the rest is out of our hands.  Life.

Pong Yaeng Trail Run 30K is getting closer and I just discovered that our race is the day after the King’s birthday in Thailand.  I also found out another festival coming up the last week of November.  I’ll find out more about that once we get to Chiang Mai.  A hint, there will be boats with candles floating on the moat in Chiang Mai.

It hasn’t rained after the last rain two days ago.  The temperature here rose up higher.  We took a little ride on our scooter today after getting some more fruits from Carrefour.  We rode all the way north of Kuta to Seminyak where all the surfers stay.  It’s really nice out there and a bit less hectic than Kuta.


We’ve been really consistent in working out in the gym.  Today, we got a really nice sunset while working out on the roof top.  There were a few people in the pool which is really a great idea during the cooling down in the afternoon.  It’s nice to watch the sunset today, by the pool and in the gym.  The deep orange-colored sun, slowly closing its eyes.  So, beautiful and a sign of a new beginning the next day.  A better day.  A good day.


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