Working Out

Going to the gym is a big part of our life. We love working out and it’s one thing that have given Doug and myself the fitness to get around. Working out and sweating just feels so amazing. It gives us balance physically and in turn affects how we feel about ourselves. Studies have shown the benefits of exercising daily, getting that heart rate up to get the body going. We want to maintain our strength as long as we can. It is really important for us and we enjoy it a lot.

Our next race is Pong Yaeng Trail Run in Chiang Mai and we are doing another 30km and this one has the same amount of climbing as Grand Trail Du Lac in France. There is a long 9 mile climb off the bat and another tough one. We’ve been doing some strength maintenance to keep our joints and ligaments strong. We are also doing some weight training with light weights but higher reps. It will help keep muscular endurance. I really feel good right now and strong. That is what is important to me with my body. Feeling strong and confident is my goal. Doug has his own routine and I have my own as well on the gym.

The 6am workout was great and I was surprised to be motivated to get up at 5am. We made coffee and headed up to the top floor to the gym. An hour later, breakfast was just across the gym and the breakfast buffet had so much variety it was great!

I went to some of the little stations that looked like street food and I tried their porridge. It was carefully topped with so much good stuff and I requested to skip the chili sauce. That was really good! The porridge has a broth poured over it. I’ve never had it that way before and the broth was very tasty.

I don’t have a bathing suit. I only have my black sports bra I use for working out and an REI sports underwear, also black. It’s great because it looks like a bikini so I used it to swim in the pool which I did right before lunch. A nice recovery running in the pool. Running in the pool is so weird but since I was the only one in the pool, I ran around many times. Doug was busy on the internet, great to have wifi on the roof top!

There is a small Japanese grocery store about a block from the hotel across the street. We walked slowly, it was another really hot day. The heat the other day gave me sore throat from being a bit dehydrated and dry mouth all the time. We really need to be careful of the heat. Our lunch was a little katsu bowl with chicken. Good stuff.

It’s so good to feel the cool air conditioning coming into our room. The hotel has international channels which was great, too. So, we watched a movie and researched on apartments for Chiang Mai which is our next destination. Since we love going to the gym everyday, we found a really good gym in Chiang Mai right by the old city. We really like the old city and hope to find a place with a kitchenette like a serviced studio apartment. We’ll see what we find. It’s better if we are there to see the apartments rather than relying on pictures on the ads on the website.

I can’t believe we are motivated to get another workout in for the day. Amazingly, it felt great to do some intervals on the treadmill and finished of with some yoga poses for stability. We ordered room service for dinner and it was really good food. Finally, good food! I ordered Ox Tail Soup and Doug ordered Nasi Goreng. The quality was good and the Ox Trail Soup even had bone marrow, yum.

I think I am going to increase the duration of my climbing on the treadmill tomorrow. Training for the next race!

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