Cold in Imlil

We knew that there was a chance that Imlil will be cold but it’s been colder than we thought.  Our guest house does not have heating and it’s pretty much like a tea house in Nepal but with better toilets.  It won’t be ideal to have a heater going anyway because with the water being share load, I am pretty sure the electricity is, too.  It’s tough in the mountains.  That is the way of life here.  We booked five nights in the guest house to see how it goes and if the weather is good, we’d stay longer.  We will be moving on to a warmer location  in Morocco.

Imlil is a very small village and most of the residents here have tourism business either selling goods, providing lodging or guiding tourist.  I can see why this place is know for ascent to Mt Toubkal.  That is pretty much it.  There are a few multi-day trips visiting surrounding Berber villages but will require a guide as the trails here are not clearly marked and there is no good map available.  Donkey’s go up and down the trails a lot so the trails are pretty beat up.

There is no sense to stay in Imlil unless our main purpose is ascending Mt Toubkal.  There is snow right now on the summit and a hiker we had a chat with said it was okay to walk without crampons.

The people we’ve met and seen in Imlil are nice people and welcomed us, as tourists.  Berber language is spoken and French.  It’s a very peaceful place and I am pretty sure everyone knows each other.  No one smokes or drink and there are no bars which is awesome!  There is no selling of alcohol or cigarettes. Everyone prays several times a day.  Children run outside and play in the afternoons.  A simple and basic life in the mountains.

Doug is sniffling and I really think it’s best for us to head to warmer weather.  Also, a bigger city and hopefully something to do.  Our lifestyle doesn’t fit Morocco but as a tourist, there’s so much to do and see for a few days then move on to the next.  It’s an ideal exotic destination for vacation.

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